June 4, 2006

First Attempt at Outdoor sketching......

Last Sunday we went down to The Rocks for a stroll and some lunch.

It was a really warm day and we had lunch at an outdoor cafe in a quiet square.

After lunch Andrew and the boys were walking around nearby so I pulled out my sketch pad and started sketching a man doing his cross word puzzle just across me. I was doing okay but then a pigeon decided it wanted to eat some of our leftovers right off the table which caused a commotion when other birds realised they could do the same so I jumped up screaming and so did the two girls at the nearby table. We all burst into laughter soon after and my hubby just rolled his eyes with embarrasment....


  1. Anonymous12:08 AM

    I like this one... I can't recall the last time I tried to sketch outdoors. Keep enjoying it!
    cheers, LJ

  2. Anonymous3:04 AM

    this turned out very well!!!! i was never good at realistic drawing... and when we had to go outside for class to draw, i was always pulling my curls from frustration... haha...

    your illustration looks peaceful... it has a very relaxing feel to it!


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