June 17, 2006

Days off are for Fun.....

I was planning to spend most of yesterday drawing and crafting but instead did 5 loads of washing, folding clothes and then spent hours ironing! Ughh the house is a mess and I cant keep up!

I was happy that I made the Sambag warehouse sale though - I bought these cute leather flats for my upcoming Summer holiday.
Lovely arent they?
Only problem with this colour is that you need a wicked tan and my legs are ghostly white so I'll need some to crack open the fake tan bottle.
Am I the only one who loves pale skin? Probably as everyone seems to be so into fake tan and bronzers.

Anyway i also bought some cute beaded boho skirts at $5 a piece - great presents for my girl cousins. I think Im a shop owners worst customer as i refuse to pay retail prices and hang out for the sales (Im showing the true thrifty Capricorn in me).
I mean its ridiculous dont you think when they charge SO much in their stores and then offer things at $5? I know they just want to get rid of excess stock but geesh....


  1. hey, i'm a capricorn too, and always find the best stuff on sale! :) you're better off loving pale skin, all the tan ones will end up with wrinkles and you will have the amazing skin! have a good weekend! ~ amy

  2. I used to love a tan, but it's a bit hard at the moment living in Tassie! I love strappy sandals in the summer and those look great...nice and simple :)
    I'm actually a Cancerian, and really love hanging out for sales, rather than paying top dollar..it's a great feeling getting things so much cheaper.

  3. Me too, Anastasia! The fourth load is swishing away in the machine ... my new dryer (the old one snuffed it last Monday) is still in it's box in the middle of the floor 'cause I don't have anyone to help to lift it onto the bracket ... and the sunshine is running out. I think that I don't like weekends :-(

  4. Thanks for all the comments, Anastasia! I was just reading your whole blog - loved the link to your zoo, we just went to ours this week with the in-laws visiting from Guam. (I made sketches but I haven't scanned them yet) Our zoo is at www.zoo.org, and I thought it was interesting how similar our zoo map is to yours on the website! I think I will do that Blind Contour challenge, thanks for the idea! If you'd like some postcards from Seattle, Washington, send me your address or email at my site and I'll erase it right away! Bye!


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