June 8, 2006

My First attempt at ATCs.....

I finally finished my ATC series for Amy's 'Fairy Tales and Fables ATC Swap'
I was a little confused with the MailArt Envelope but I hope its okay - I better send them out today as they have a bit of a way to go from Sydney to Texas and I need to make the deadline!

Thanks for organising and hosting the swap Amy!!!
Here is my Cinderella - I stuffed up the fairy godmother so covered her in a cloud of glitter hehee do u think she'll mind?


  1. These are perfect!!! Love them. Again, I need to get off of this computer!!!

  2. They're lovely. I think Cinderella running down the stairs is my favourite. Well done.

  3. Anonymous1:45 PM

    GASP!! these are LOVELY!! i hope to get to meet one in person ;)

  4. these are cute! they'd look adorable as a set of small drawings hung up in a little girl's room!

  5. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Those are great. Is the bottom your envelope? It turned out well, at the risk of sounding stupid - it's not part of the theme right?

  6. your mailing envelope is perfect. The atc's are terrific. hope i get one :)


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