June 8, 2006

Thursday Night is MY TV night........

A couple of days ago Andrew and I watched a beautiful Indian film on dvd.
The movie is called ‘Water’ set in the 1930’s and it portrays the life of Widows in India who were basically shunned from society and sent to live in ashrams.
The youngest widow is only 7 years old!
Although a very sad film, I really enjoyed it and even days later I still keep thinking about it .

Its been a while since Ive seen a good film – ‘The Da Vinci Code’ was so disappointing for me. I couldn’t put the book down and I finished it in 2days! I had been hanging out for the film all year and I was really bummed the movie didn’t match it.
Some books are just not meant to be made into movies…..
Audrey Tautou is super cute though – loved her in Amelie! Who didn’t?? its such a sweet sweet film…..

Well tonight my sister and nieces are coming over for dinner. My brother in law is in St Louis, Missouri for work so I thought it would be nice for them to come over and hang out.

Plus 'Lost' is on and we hang out for that every Thursday night AND it’s the finale of Amazing Race (Season 9). Love that show!!! It’s the best reality show ever!
Ive seen them all but this is the first time I didn’t peak on the internet to see who wins (Im so bad aren’t I??) as we are a little behind the US .... so it will be a nice surprise – hope the hippies win!! KAPOW!!


  1. Our family loves Lost and the Amazing Race too!! We were cheering for the hippies also.

  2. Ha Ha!!! Amazing Race RULES!!! We were cheering for the hippies too! I'm so glad they won. I just can't sleep at night when a team I don't like wins!

    I've got to check out 'Water'. Sounds good. I love movies like that :)

  3. "Water" looks interesting. Thanks for the suggestion.


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