July 11, 2006

Clinging to the Past..........

What is it about certain songs that inspire musical artists to tweak and remake into hits again?
I dont mind especially if they are songs I enjoyed first time around and so I can enjoy all over again.

Some good ones at the moment

Nelly Furtado - ManEater
This was a Hall & Oates top hit in 1982
she has twisted it round completely but I thinks its got a catchy chorus and is that Justin Timberlake I can hear in the background?

Deep Dish featuring Stevie Nicks - Dreams
this song is great and has done really well in the Australia top 40! I love it!

I also like Feist's - Inside & Out - not sure when this was released but
Im crazy about the Bee Gees and this is a great remake


  1. Hey! Great songs. Inside and Out was about the same time as "Tragedy" from recollection. And tragedy is about right that I remember that, or care. But I do.

  2. Anonymous4:10 PM

    I love all of those songs and had no clue that they had been reworked... thanks, I will have a listen to them this week sometime. I think that it is always an honour to have someone be inspired by someone else's art... must be very ego building. xox

  3. Anonymous1:57 AM

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