July 12, 2006

Little Red Coats........

Ive been thinking about red trench coats lately….

I think I might treat myself to one soon - I live in jeans on the weekend and red looks perfect with dark denim don’t you think?
I love how I plan my purchases now that Im older and wiser heehee
when I was younger (with no mortgage and responsibilties) I used to shop on impulse all the time and then end up with nothing to wear!!!


  1. love your trench illustration! You should definetly get one, it would look great with jeans and other outfits too! I also love now that I'm older that I consider my purchases and make sure they suit my body, there are some scary fashions out there at the moment ( I remember from the 80's) skinny jeans, I don't think so!

  2. oh yes - everyone is wearing those faded grey skinny skinny jeans
    and iron maiden Tshirts!! gasp!!!
    even if it doesnt suit them...

  3. Anonymous4:16 PM

    I remember those impulse buying days lol. I look back now and could just about cry at all that wasted money....think of all the gorgeous stuff I could get now instead of the bags full of "one hit wonders" that never seem to make more than one appearance.
    Your trench coat sounds positively goddess like... you absolutely have to wear some red lippy with it I think. Maybe even some red shoes... red is my favourite colour and always cheers me up. I vote one for the red trench coat.
    Thanks for the sweet words on my blog... I am so much better now and ready to face the rest of the week. You are an angel xox.

  4. yep, I think it will look gorgeous!

  5. Anonymous1:57 AM

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