July 28, 2006

Totaly Spoilt Kid!!

I received my parcel from the 'Just a Kid' swap and my partner was the host, the very talented Ellia.

What wonderful goodies!! I got books and vintage paper dolls, lots of craft paper, templates, fabric, stationery and lots of american candy!!!
Ellia's art is just beautiful - she included the piece she created for the swap and attached it on a journal with a pen - amazing work!! Check out her new etsy shop!

Im fascinated with this candy - names like Cow Tales, Mike and Ike (these look like vitamin tablets!), Slap Stix, Jolly Rancher, Slo Poke
heehee sugary fun!!

You can see everyone's goodies here


  1. Oh wow! What a glorious parcel. I can't wait until you get mine...I am getting most anxious now lol and need to go eat some chocolate...seeing all that candy. xox

  2. Wow! I missed that swap! I am still waiting for my first swap to arrive. I have already sent my Letter for Me but haven't received any yet. I am doing ATCs and embellishments and postcards. What a hoot! Thanks for pointing me to Swap-bot. I love it.

  3. lucky you!!! you got some beautiful things :)

  4. Wow! what a score! Ellia makes gorgeous stuff! I know my partner (mint chutney) got my stuff, and my package is to arrive any day...so...hard...to...wait...

  5. Ellia sends the BEST packages. Isn't her wrapping cute too. You are one lucky girl!!

  6. aww, girl i am sooo happy you liked it all!!! i had more flavors of mike and ikes for you too but ran outta room!!! and there is a slew more candies i can send you another time :D maybe we will a christmas candy swap :D :D :D

    hugs to you girl!!!!

    ps. you said the weirder the candy the better, so i made sure you got the unique candies :D next time i will send some airheads! haha!

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