July 30, 2006

WIP Sunday (I was too busy on Friday!)

This weekend Im working on handmade recipe cards for a swap Im doing with some of the girls in the EDM group.
Ive been going through my favourite cookbooks to find a great recipe - Ive settled on Jam Shortcake so put the kettle on girls.....

Yesterday I made a slab of Chocolate Walnut Brownies as we were invited to a BBQ.
The warm delicious smell is still lingering in the kitchen today!

I saved some crumbs (large crumbs) to have with my morning Greek Coffee.


  1. Hmmm, I can smell that cake and Greek coffee now...It's been ages since I've smelt that strong sweet smell. I used to make it to perfection (the coffee that is), but haven't made any in ages. I'd make it for others, and then what was left in the bottom of the pot, I'd mix in with milk...it was delicious. I think I will go and find myself some and make a cup to enjoy...metrio.

  2. Just put my recipe cards into an envelope to send to Melissa. I just did my apple sauce firstly because it's the best I can do and secondly because I was more excited by making the card than the recipe bit. I'm looking forward to receiving yours. I might even learn a little bit about cooking.

  3. Sounds like you had a great week with food and friends! Food looks delicious! Falling Cloudberries, isn't that the most wonderful name for a book! And I found another girl who loves to rip pics out of magazines!Thanks for coming to visit me!!!


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