August 5, 2006

A Date with Hugh..........

Today my friend Teresa and I are off to see Hugh Jackman in 'The Boy from Oz'

It should be brilliant and Hugh is so good to look at!

Teresa's boyfriend didnt want to come and Andrew wasnt keen either so its a girly outing so we can swoon and gush all we like!

I actually saw the original production back in 1999 and it was really fantastic, Im sure Hugh will be even better as Peter Allen. I hope we have an upbeat crowd, it is a musical after all - maybe someone will break out into a soul train? Cha cha cha.....

I just had to add that the show was amazing!! AMAZING !!(me jumping up and down) and we couldnt get enough of Hugh who played Peter SO well! When I saw the crowd (approx 7000) a little put off as it felt like I was at a concert and not the theatre but it was such a huge and colourful production and the singing and dancing was so great we didnt want it to end!

When Hugh sang 'I still call Australia Home' I dont think there was a dry eye in the house - you can just see how much that song means to him personally.

He interacted with the crowd so much, ran up and down the aisles, made jokes and even pulled out a girl from the crowd so she can have a sexy dance with him. It was brilliant!!! I could so easily go again!


  1. it's going to be a great show!, I wish I could go! Hugh is going to be amazing! Have a fabulous time! We went to the Lion King earlier this year ans my husband didn't want to go either. He really missed out!

  2. Hi Anastasia, hope you had fun! To answer you question, the critique was not something I really sought out, it was just an activity that our artists network decided to do one month.

  3. Oh wow.... hope you have a fantastic time. I would dearly like to see Hugh too...I have a little crush on him (who does'nt)... so if he cha cha cha's past you... pinch his butt for me lol. xox

  4. we are going on Friday - birthday present. I so can't wait. Love Hugh. I saw the show when Todd did it and it was great then.

  5. I've never heard of him, but I hope you have a great time!

  6. oh... I think he's gorgeous. Drool a bit for me too, please!

  7. Yaaaaaaaay!!!!! I'm so glad you had such a fabulous time. (Was I right or was I right???) And I hope you grabbed him and gave him a big hug from me! So, so great - Everyone should go if they get the chance! Woohoo!!! :-)


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