August 7, 2006

Unfolding Florence..........

and now a film about her extraordinary life!
It was the only Australian film selected for Competition at The 2006 Sundance International Film Festival.
Directed by Gillian Armstrong and out soon!
Should be great to see.

Last week Marianne
had a great tip on her blog about purchasing sample pieces of Florence's fabric and wallpaper so I had to have some!
I ordered 4 pieces at $4.00 each - she said you get about an A4 size sample so not bad considering the retail price tag

These are two of the pieces I ordered - not sure what I'll do with them yet but for now just staring at them will make me happy!


  1. Isn't that funny! I ordered four pieces too. Can't wait to get them.

  2. They look wonderful!

  3. I'm going to have a look right now, I can't wait till that movie comes out!

  4. Anonymous11:11 PM

    That's a great story. Waiting for more. » » »


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