November 22, 2006

A Date with the Lord………

As a huge Harry Potter fan I was devasted to see the handsome Ralph Fiennes cast as evil Lord Voldemort but he did such a great job as the Dark Lord I forgave them for it…he will be back in the next Harry Potter film released at the end of the year!
Cant wait!!!

Im a huge Ralph Fiennes fan and am smitten by his good looks, fabulous accent and his fine acting so when I found out he is performing in a play, ‘First Love’ right here as part of the Sydney Festival, I was squealing with excitement!!
I scored two great tickets for January 21st!! Eeekkk how exciting!
I don’t know anything about the play or the novel that it was adapted from, but who cares?? Ralph Fiennes will be on stage!

There is something very appealing about British Actors ….Im sure it’s the accent that gets me everytime ….they have this boyish charm, an obscure handsome look with a nervousnous about them and no six-pack in sight! Colin Firth, Jude Law, Ewan McGregor, Alan Rickman and gosh even Hugh Grant …the list goes on and on….swoon swoon....


  1. Anonymous6:20 PM

    yes, i have to say that i am a great fan of British films and their actors (not Hugh Grant though!!!) and of course im not biased!!! I think that britain has some amazing female actresses too but im digressing from Ralph Fiennes arnt i!!!!

  2. i love all the handsome men you mentioned (especially hugh!) how fun that you will see the play. i'm sure it will be fabulous!

  3. I agree whole-heartedly. British actors, yum! Did I really just say that? Have fun at the play.

  4. haha I guess im not the only one then!
    Hugh Grant was not a favourite until I saw 'Love Actually' that did it for me...what a wonderful Christmas movie....made me feel nice and happy inside!

  5. Anonymous9:24 AM

    have a wonderful time! Try to concentrate on the play, instead of just staring dreamily!!! Ha Ha Someone might ask what its about afterwards!! You are right, their is something so much more appealing about those actors though, than your random hollywood hunk! I am still in love with Ewan McGregor after all these years and especially after seeing Long Way Round!

  6. I'll fight you at dawn for Ralph Fiennes...

    He's amazing as a live actor. I saw him doing a very long and boring Shakespeare King something or other... and he was amazing. He's got this incredible charisma and you do only look at him on stage. What a presence.

    Not to mention his smouldering eyes!


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