November 21, 2006

Illustration Friday - Thanksgiving

Quick Look away!!!

Dick and Jan were thankful to be spending Thanksgiving down at the farm and not at the table.

We dont celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia but it sure looks like a great celebration with lots of yummy food!


  1. Hi Anastasia!
    Thanks for the comment! I grew up in Florida and we had Jacaranda trees there! So beautiful! But I never knew trees could be pink (like in Disney's Mary Poppins) until I came to Washington!

  2. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Love the picture - your turkeys are great (the poor guy getting carted off). Thanksgiving is pretty fun - lots of yummy food and family (though the 5 of us are going up to a cabin in the mountains for the second year - it's so fun - we take the food with us and have it up there and maybe some snow).

  3. nice and sweet drawing!

  4. You are taking that turkey home as a pet, aren't you??? :-)

  5. Anonymous5:26 AM

    haha, yeah its a food filled holiday... and i love being married to an african american since i get foods some other nationalities dont get... hahaha.... the only thing i miss is our puerto rican rice and beans but my side of the family doesnt get together as much anymore (extended).... your illustration is too cute!!!

  6. so cute! poor little turkey! ;)

  7. tons of yummy food!! haha great illo

  8. OH MY -- Kids just have a way of finding 'these' kind of things!! Wonderful sketch and humor!!


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