December 20, 2006

Ive been tagged by the adorable Ellia - love these little questionaires!
so here goes......

Four Things

Four Jobs I’ve Had

1. Saturday casual at The Cookie Man – during quiet times I had to wear a paper hat and give out cookie samples to passing shoppers…totally embarrassing for a 15yr old!
2. Plate Smasher – a casual job during University days. After stocktaking, we had to smash any left over stock with a hammer so all the limited editions of Collector plates that had already been sold would one day become collectable. At the time I thought the plates were tacky but Im sure Id be keen to have some of those plates now.
3. Hotel Receptionist – lots of unusual requests like 4 to a room for a few hours (what were they planning to do? Huh??)
4. Accountant

Four Movies I watch over and over …(gosh too many!!!)

Sound of Music
Anything staring Doris Day
Love Actually

Four Places I have lived
Stanmore, Sydney
Petersham, Sydney
Larnaca, Cyprus
Earlwood, Sydney

Four TV Shows I love…again too many favourites but here are my current obsessions….
Antique Roadshow
The Amazing Race
Project Runway

Four Places I have been for Vacation

Four Websites I visit daily
Gorgeous Mammas group

Four Favourite Foods
Eggplant Parmijana
Steamed Dim Sim
Vietnamese rice rolls
Noodle soup

Four Favourite Desserts
Lindt chocolate balls
Crème Brule
Rice Pudding

Four Places I would rather be
In my grandparents kitchen having coffee with them, laughing and chit chatting, Larnaca – Cyprus
Japan – one place Im so keen to visit, i think I'll go wild in the 100yen shop
London – once I get over the jet lag I’ll be right to go - so much to see and do!
New York – cant wait to visit Helena Christensen’s flea shop Butik, eat at Les Halles (love Anthony Bourdain) and maybe bump into The Sartorialist?

Four People I’m tagging…

Anyone who wants to join in on the fun - Go for it, your tagged!

*Top image is from an Enid Blyton Sunshine book

*This sweet Christmas scene is from Joan Walsh Anglund


  1. Anonymous9:55 PM

    That Enid Blyton image is fantastic. I love the quite feeling about it.
    I would love to go to Japan as well...with empty big suit cases so I could carry a lot back :)

  2. Your Four Favourite Desserts are something we definitely have in common...:)

  3. Anonymous5:53 AM

    ohhhh fun fun!!! the plate smashing job musta been fun on those days where you were angry, eh?! i could use a few plates this week-hehe....

    thanks for sharing!!! you eat exotically and go to so many wonderful places!

  4. Anonymous6:31 AM

    plate smasher? what a fantastic job!

    I can't believe you were paid to do that. They should give them to hyperactive children to let off steam. MIne are bored of the holidays alread!

  5. The Sound of Music is one of my faves too! I have a little(hopefully ) fun event going on at my place,won't you join in?

  6. Smashing plates, and no doubt eating all the broken cookies, how cool is that. Gwenny and I also adore The Sound of Music. And talking of Lindt chocolate my children received some in the post from their aunt today. My son had a tin snowman and my daughter a tin russian doll both filled with lindt chocolate. Yummy!!!

  7. This is the cutest damn picture I've ever seen!!!


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