December 19, 2006

The week before Christmas.......

Its going to be a busy week I can just feel it. ...I have more shortbread and biscuits to bake, people to visit, the last of the Christmas shopping to do but look who is on TV at 7.00pm each night this week!
Domestic Goddess, Nigella Lawson!!!
Love the woman!!
her passion for food, festivities and eating rubs off on me and I just want to bake all day.

Last night Andrew had his work's Christmas dinner so I tucked the boys in and spent the evening making my Victorian ornaments that I bought from Ulla. They turned out lovely and are ready to be hung up and shown off!

Have a great day my blog friends - I'll be off now and heading out to take on the Christmas shoppers in their frenzied spending spree.....


  1. You have a great day too - enjoy the festivities :)

  2. Beautiful ornaments Anastasia. I wish I could catch your desire to bake and decorate for Christmas. This year it seems to be moving in on me too quickly!

  3. They're darling. I'm glad you're taking time to create.

  4. Thanks for coming to see my mousie-house! It's so odd for me to see the roses and berries you are enjoying now! Not what we associate with Christmas time here!

    I love the name "fairy floss!" We call it "cotton candy" here in the States - not so fanciful!

    Your boys are looking so big!!

  5. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Good luck with all the baking and festivities preparations.

  6. Anonymous5:28 AM

    The Ornaments look wonderful! I am so glad you like them!!!! Yuletime hugs to you dear Anastasia, and special birthday hugs to that cute little two year old!!!

  7. such cute ornaments...wish i had more time to craft...maybe next year?

    ;) D


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