September 6, 2006

So long for a little while..........

We're packed and ready to I thought Id jump on to say farewell my blogger friends.

Peter couldnt believe it when i told him we are off to Cyprus tonight! I was always saying 'soon...we are going soon' when he used to ask me (about 5 times a day...) The boys are going to have a ball, I just know it!!!

I'll miss you and your gorgeous inspiring blogs! and all the tempting new swaps, the illustration challenges, the crafting goodness, the supportive and motivating comments which I thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart....but I'll be back soon all nice and refreshed!

Au revoir, Yiasou, Auf Wiedersehen my friends!

* top image from 'The Treasure book for boys and girls" (Great Britain)

September 5, 2006

Illustration Friday - Safe

A growing baby is all nice and safe in there. Mum (to be) has the glow happening, she's making sure she's eating well - no soft cheese or deli meats, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, she's cut out the nasty smoking habit, is drinking lots and lots of water, she's constantly talking and bonding with her unborn child who is snuggled up warm and safe in Utero.....

but come labour time when baby is coming....almost there....ready to make its long awaited entrance into the world, most woman (me included) just scream "Give me the drugs....any drugs...gas, pethadine, anything.....just give me the drugs....I cant handle this pain'....hehee

September 4, 2006

Monday drawing - Brush

Two of my favourite hair brushes

Wavy hair brush and Smooth hair brush - If Im staying curly then its dont touch the hair at all....never touch curly hair, the more you mess with it the more messed up it will be!!

Happy Monday everyone!

Spring is in the Air......

I just had to share some photos of my beautiful Orchids.

Ive had these potted orchid plants for about 6years now and each year they bless me with a so many flowers! They are gorgeous and last for a long time.

More flowers in the garden. I do suffer from hay fever though so although I love the garden and being outdoors it does get to me after a while...

we've had gorgeous weather lately, its perfect!
Last of the swaps are out..........

I finally got my last two swaps before my big trip posted on Saturday - a little over the deadline, sorry gals!!
but they are on their way now.....

These are some ' garden' cards I made for a card swap that Clare had hosted - thanks for organising Clare!

The other swap was Amy's Little gift swap. My partner is Cindy and I hope she likes everything.
I found these in a bric brac shop not far from my house. Some furniture plus a little doll and a small bag of tiny cooking utensils - so sweet! I also made Cindy a banner for one her doll house rooms and small art print for one of the walls.

September 2, 2006

Blind Contour Friday - September


a quick sketch done during breakfast (multi-tasking heehee)
my tin of brushes and pens plus a sketch book, magazines and a book!
my favourite past times - drawing and reading!

to see other the other blind contours click here

September 1, 2006

BlogDay 2006

Its blog day today. The idea is simple.

Post about 5 blogs that you find interesting. That way we can get to know new bloggers from all over our amazing world!

These are mine:

Prints Charming - a love of vintage prints and illustrations that get my heart racing!

Monica Lee Studios - an Illustrator creating and inspiring. Check out her inspiration page for creative interviews and more!

Fiveandahalf - a blog about creating, selling mainly paper goods but also living a creative life!

Petunia - a Yoga teacher and new mum posting about life

Soie-Belle - a french girl living in California

What are yours??

Mummy is tired..........

This is how Im feeling right now - well she is obviously drunk since she is hanging on tightly to that champagne bottle and I dont drink (not on the job anyway)

I dont know Im just very overtired and a little stressed. Andrew was away for work last week and both boys were sick so maybe its all catching up with me right now. Im so looking forward to getting away next week.....

Honestley, sometimes I wonder how do mothers with more than two children do it? I would really love another baby although Andrew isnt too keen. Somedays I just dont think I can handle the exhaustion but other days I see a little baby and go extremey goo-gaa and one of the questions I get asked all the time is, 'Are you going for a third'?

How does one know when your family is complete? I just dont want to end up regreting not having any more babies?

Its hard work being a mum but also one of the most rewarding jobs but we all need a break every now and then....

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