February 28, 2007

Simple Girl.........

One of my favourite blogs, The Satorialist is in Europe right now covering the Fashion shows and Im really enjoying all the great street photos.
Some unique and super stylish people out there!
Here are some of my favourite shots from his blog the past couple of months. Can you see the 20's/30' influence in my favourites - love that look and era.

I’m so happy to have found his blog as he captures New York city street style so well and his little blog has taken him to new places as he’s gotten a few jobs out of it! Bravo Sart!

I miss Sex & The City, not only was it so fun to watch the girls chatting about their life, love and dating struggles in New York city but I miss the city, the clothes, the shoes, the all the cool accessories ( oh and Mr Big too!)…how I miss the style inspiration! I was definitely into Charlotte’s dress sense…a little reserved, a little conservative and ladylike.
No hoochie mumma here! My husband laughs at my constant attempt to cover my cleavage.
I love scoop necks, V-necks and sweetheart necklines but no cleavage on show thankyou! Granny chic I call it!

I love fashion but don’t really follow trends that much, I like to know whats ‘in’ but am usually found wearing A-line skirts with Tshirts and flip flops in Summer and Jeans with Vneck sweaters and lots of scarfs in Winter.
Not very inspiring haha… its comfy though and when you have to wear boring corporate suits to work then its nice to change into something simple and comfortable.

I love flicking through fashion magazines... All the new season’s clothes are so lovely!
The latest Lantern sleeves and smocked jackets have such pretty feminine detail. I doodled some whilst watching TV last night.... Looks like Grey is the new black – its everywhere in the shops!
I bought these grey suede ballet flats last week – I havn’t worn them yet as its still so warm and sunny but we had a huge thunder storm this afternoon so maybe Summer is on its way out and we can welcome in the new season…..rain and all! We need the rain definetely need rain!!

Top 3 photos by The Sartorialist
Drawing by me!
Dress by Tracy Reese ( I think! not sure!! I saved it months ago from somewhere on the net??!)


  1. you are like me... i love fashion but i'm usually in a skirt + t-shirt or jeans and a loose top :) i do love to dress up though, and my work wardrobe is very boring.
    i am really liking gray + red right now... perhaps a new patchwork project for a tote? your new flats are so cute!

  2. Anonymous2:35 AM

    I love your drawings! I'll have to check out that blog - I really miss Sex and the City too! I have a couple of seasons on dvd and they do show reruns, but it was so fun to have new ones to look forward to!

  3. I love to hear everyones thoughts on what they find stylish. Those flats are marvy! A-lines suit me well too.

  4. PS,I miss Sex In TheCity ,for the fashion inspiration too! I dress most like Carrie!

  5. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Hi Miss lovely!!! In an ode to vegimite and you, I downloaded "Down Under." And giggled...I have it on now, actually...So, let me say, your drawing is totally wonderful. I adore sex and the city. My ex gave it to me for my thirtieth birthday, we are still friends, I mean, gave me the entire season in the pink velvet thing...Sooo, I watch all the time.. All the time. It hurts my heart that it is over...And, some of the episodes seem like so so so very long ago...

  6. wow. Thanks for that. I'm off to have a look, drool and be inspired. How gorgeous is that dress!

  7. Anonymous6:08 PM

    im pretty much the same...love looking at fashion and unique clothing but usually just wear the basics...thanks for the inspiration though!!!

  8. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Have been away so i'm enjoying catching up on your posts. Love the ballet flats you bought, and isnt the rain lovely? Its sprinkling here now and so nice and cozy inside. Renee x

  9. I love the socks and heels look. I wish I could pull it off, I end up looking like Cyndi Lauper's younger sister when I get dressed up.

  10. Your sleeve drawing reminds me of one of my fashion courses in high school...I think I may still have notes somewhere on a couple dozen different kinds of sleeve and maybe even how to sew them - I must find them when I'm next at my parents! Yes, there is something so enthralling about lovely girlish fashions, but in my wardrobe they have also often lost to the comfort of a t-shirt!

  11. Anonymous4:45 PM

    the sketches are lovely ...they would make such a wonderful whimsical set of ACT's....

  12. Anonymous4:14 PM

    oh my god, that dress is gorgeous, I must hyave one now!!!, oh yeah, I'm Pregnant, maybe next year!

  13. i love the sartorialist too! and i am with you with the scarves, wear them all the time.
    i saw your drawing on flickr and loved it!
    i think you have the best collection of shoes.

  14. Aren't those french and italian women so chic? It's funny you are talking about autumn when here we can only think of spring.
    Love those shoes.

  15. Anonymous1:38 AM

    What a lovely blog!

    I love this post as I love fashion and, specifically, loved the fashion on Sex and the City. That is what I miss it for the most. I was more of a Carrie girl. I loved her whacky, creative, colorful style. I do not always replicate it but I admired it anyway.

    Lovely gray ballerina flats. Those will go with anything! Nice buy!


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