March 2, 2007

Illustration Friday - Communication

a little tribute to the homing pigeons....its amazing how far we've come with Communication tools...

I must admit I have a deep dislike for mobile(cell) phones with their irritating ring tones....mine is always switched off which defeats the purpose I guess...Oh well!

I do love email though....did you know they hold 'talks ' on how to wean yourself from checking your email 'inbox' too often...

Off topic, I have to share my current favourite song

'Grace Kelly' by Mika....its the kind of song you have to sing out very very loud...even if you dont know the words!! see it Here


  1. Very cute illustration :)

  2. It's perfect! So well done and so well said.

  3. Anastasia, you are such a lady (reference to your last entry about fashion) and I love your little lady sketches. They are becoming a trademark.

  4. I envy your drawing capability!!! I really want to start doing illustration Friday, but I fear the outcome would be much like a 3-year old
    s attempt at drawing!

  5. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Beautiful drawing. I really dislike mobile phones, they are so invasive... The best use for them is turning them off, so much easier to do than unplugging the landline!

    Have a good weekend!

  6. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Oh yes... And a friend just asked me, "are you addicted to bloggging?" "Maybe you need help?" People are soooo silly. On the treadmill at 6am this morning i read the Mika interview in "Interview" Magazine!! How wonderful to see the video here!!!(love the drawing!!)

  7. lovely drawing! i think we were the only people without cells till i was pregnant with f.


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