February 14, 2007

Sweet Love.......
Love is an Irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!

I made these Ginger biscuits with Vanilla Cream for my friend Carrie, but I made sure I ate a few warm straight out of the oven! They are really good!

Yesterday I got home to a gorgeous parcel from the very generous Mary Ann who hosted the ‘Oh So charming Valentine ATC swap’ and she included these Love candies, chocolates, the cute L-O-V-E candles plus an angel paper puncher and a gorgeous ATC she made for each and every one of us in the swap!
I also got 3 gorgeous ATCs from some talented woman! You can see all the ATCs here – the group even got a mention on WhipUp as being inspiring which was a huge thrill!
Mary Ann is onto her next fun project – she is hosting a Virtual Tea Party in April – come and join in on the fun!

also got a huge parcel from Sue my partner in the Pink & Brown swap. I was so excited to find so many gorgeous craft items, handmade paper, a vintage book for my boys, buttons, ribbons , the gorgeous pink vintage doily in the picture above and so much more! What a talented gal!! You can see everything here
She also included this gorgeous vintage tea cup – how pretty!! I love it!
Im so spoilt!!
Im so lucky to be part of this generous inspiring blogging community…

saying goodbye with a love quote....

Love is not finding someone you can live with but
finding someone you cant live without…..


  1. Happy valentines day anastasia..enjoy your lovely post!!

  2. Oh those cookies look yummy. :)

  3. Looks delicious - what a beautiful post. Thanks Anastasia, and happy Valentine's day!

  4. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Happy Valentines and thatnk you for the delicious tea party you have shown us!!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day Anastasia! xo

  6. visiting your blog is like a breath of fresh air. It is wonderful. It was lovely to see some of the pink and brown swap items..Cant wait to receive my parcel. We have had floods and a cyanide spill up the road so it will probably be a bit slow

  7. Happy Valentines !!

    What wonderful gift you received !!

  8. happy valentine's day anastasia!

  9. Anonymous1:20 AM

    Im going to join the Tea party!!!!Yey! Thanks!

  10. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Miss Anastasia, Happy Valentine's day!!! What a true true quote...May I trade a cookie with you? Thank you...

  11. Anonymous7:11 AM

    happy vday chica! you got great stuff too! and another tea party! wow. bloggers sure do dig tea. i'm going to host another party in march or april...but it will have a different theme this time.

  12. hi there again,
    i couldn't find your email address... but had to tell you that e's favorite way of having banana bread is also warm with butter and it is *so good*. yum.
    ok, happy valentine's day! :)

  13. Anonymous4:18 PM

    mmm ginger and tea and everything else looks wonderful too! And I am so hungry at the moment, I wonder why?

  14. Uau!

    Everything looks so yummy!

    hugs from Portugal

  15. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Those biscuits look devine. Valentines day is such a wonderful day to cherish... it's a pity we need only have it on one day. I think the spreading of all things lovely and loving should be an everyday celebration. Lots of love, Nicoel xox.

  16. Your biscuits/cookies look yummy. I'll have to participate in the tea party this time.

  17. Anonymous2:53 AM

    Your valentines day looked gorgeous ~ your biscuits divine!

    Many thanks for your lovely comments on the new blog :D

  18. i hope you had a wonderful valentine's day, anastasia! you received so many wonderful gifts and i say: you deserve them all and so much more!

  19. Those cookies look DELICIOUS !

    And your pictures for your Valentine post all look really good.

    Love the candy hearts and cup !

    I got my Fairy Package ! thankyou so much.

    I LOVE the card (well both of them. The stationary card is so lovely too !) and the chocolate - YUM!

    Thank you so much Valentine !
    and Happy Valentine's Day (tho belated on my part! )
    Much Love, S.

  20. Those cookies look great!! I love heart shapes all year round. YUmmy!

  21. Hi Anastasia, I'm still loving your blog! Thanks for your comments on mine. I love the idea of the virtual tea party - maybe I will send some of my knit doughnuts?! Oh and you asked if I sell them online, yes, it's larkdesigns.com.au.

    Sweet dreams,

    Allison x

  22. I hope you had a romantic Valentine's day...make it everyday.


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