March 19, 2007

Clean out Time........

I spent a good portion of my Saturday cleaning out the spare room which is being used as a study/craft room.
Well I don’t actually craft in there, I usually craft on my dining room table late at night after my boys are tucked in for sleep. My beautiful solid oak wood table has plenty of scrapes and scratches now but that adds a little character don’t you think?
Anyway, the craft room was getting out of control especially when I just couldn’t find what I needed!
I had piles of books everywhere, magazines all over the floor, bags full of supplies so it was definitely time for a little re-organising.
Its still looks pretty bad…so no pics to show off (as yet!) but I will get there….

I have such a funny habit of saving pretty boxes and tins, but after reading many blogs maybe its very normal to horde these kind of things haha!
The packaging of products is part of the appeal for me and these were definite keepers – the round box housed some lovely blue mugs that were on sale and that we now use for breakfast, and the yellow heart box had 6 espresso cups & saucers – super sweet!
Andrew almost threw them out and I had a little hissy fit..
’No! I need them for storage’….so he responds…
’More clutter??!!’
Well Humph!!….

Remember that vintage tin I found, I lined it with pretty paper and its now a home to some ribbons and trims, and another recent vintage find is this 50’s pink celluloid box made by Hoadly Chocolates (Melbourne)….I keep embroidery threads and buttons in this one!

I cannot believe its almost Easter…wasn’t it like yesterday we were celebrating the New Year!? One of my goals this year is to open an Etsy store, you can see some of the things Ive made for swaps and blogging friends here but I really need to take some time to make some banners, cards and paper goods for my future Etsy shop …a shop of my own! I love that idea!

Two talented and creative blogging friends opened their stores this week – check them out!

Vanessa - a Facinful twist
Love her dreamy girly paintings and whimsy illustrations!

Paula - Otchi Potchi
beautiful clothes and tote bags….


  1. I'm so envious of those of you who have spare rooms to call craft rooms! Even if it's just for storage, you are blessed. My craft room is under my bed. Life in NYC.

    I love your collages over on flickr! Etsy can be fun, but I have found that so many sellers offer their wares for such low prices that it's not necessarily worth it to compete. Give it a shot anyhow, it's fun.

  2. Good for you to clean out! I should do that...if I can ever get my bearings and just do it. I'm going now to check out those e-stores!

  3. Violette Crumble - if you have any tips on pricing Id love to hear!!

  4. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Oh yes.... I love collecting hat boxes myself....I have sooo much stuff. You could not even begin to imagine. It is wrong actually. Oh, well....Skipping off....I am glad we are alike.......Meet me at the candy castle.....No more vegimite. It is not bad on crackers. but maaaaaaanon its own. Holy Moley!!! Yikes...

  5. Love that pink Hoadley's box!

  6. Hi darling,Just passing threw,come on over for a visit.

  7. I love those boxes that you said the mugs and cups came in. Yep, that is the kind of thing I collect, and every now and then I get the realisation that maybe these things serve very little function, yet I keep them anyway - the look so pretty!

  8. Anonymous8:49 PM

    boxes are not "more clutter", boxes keeps the clutter organized, tell him! :-)

    lovely photos!

  9. Anonymous1:20 AM

    i love boxes too. love, love, love. and i was planning on mentioning paula and vanessa's stores today.

  10. Anonymous1:32 AM

    I love all of those delightful and creative storage containers that you have.

    Your work is amazing! I can't wait for you to open an Etsy store. Please keep us all posted on that! :)

  11. I think it's time for me to do the same all over the house :)

    I really think you should open your etsy shop. Funny that Violette crumble should say the prices are low. I had never thought of that. I also think it depends very much on where you live and the prices your would actually sell the things if it was a shop in your country.

    Thank you so much for including me on your links today. I'm very happy that you like my new space :)

  12. Anastasia, I can't find your email but if you could drop me a line (EGorey99 @ sbcglobal . net) about the Crusstation project, that'd be great! THANKS

  13. Organizing is looming in my future too! ...and then perhaps to open an ETSY for my litlle girls clothes ideas!

  14. Anonymous6:58 AM

    I love the boxes, i collect them too. Did you find that pink vintage chocolate box at an antique auction? I saw one recently when i went there - you werent at the same one were you?! Renee x

  15. Cleaning? What's cleaning? Sounds like a lot of work. ;)

  16. Ooh I love these vintage looking storage boxes, I am a true paper hound! Love the little tin box too. Thanks so much for your kind words they always cheer me.

  17. Yes, you should open an etsy shop! And i agree with your great links for new shops!

  18. hoarding beautiful packaging is absolutely normal :)
    i love those boxes, and what better use than to organize your craft room and store beautiful trims! you are inspiring me for another good clear-out... i feel like i just did it but it is a whirlwind again!


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