March 21, 2007

Day Dreaming.........

Its days like today that I dream of far away places….a break from the normal routines in life and being as far away as possible from distracting phones, emails and whining colleagues!
Ughhh! Work is killing me, my workload is crazy!!!
Im so glad the day is over now and so is the working week for me ... Im home now in my peaceful, safe haven.

I cant believe it was 6months ago that we were in Cyprus having our Summer holiday, visiting family, swimming, eating, driving around in the hot heat....I long to be at my grandparents house again...sitting on the cool tiled verandah with the scent of jasmine infused in the air, having a good old chat and laugh together....
I’ve been thinking about them quite often lately. My grandmother is in early stages of Alzheimer’s and its breaking my heart that we're so far away. She is a stubborn old thing too! refusing to see her doctor and my grandfather noticed she was taking her medication at the wrong time and in wrong doses! Ughh! I worry so much for their well being….

here are some pictures from my Cyprus trip ...its such a beautiful island and not only does it have stunning beaches and a wild night life but its rich in culture, history and tradition. Its the island of love as legend has it, Aphrodite rose from the foam of the sea.....When I miss it, I go to the flickr group 'From Cyprus' for more!

* Top pic is of an old village house, the old lady living there was drying chickpeas in the sun
* Bottom left - Tombs of the Kings, Paphos
* Bottom Right - Legumes and Grain sacks at a village market


  1. I have never been to Cyprus, but the way you described it made it sound so nice and relaxing - beats work!

  2. Anonymous12:59 AM

    I would love to live in that house in the top picture. What a serene place that must be. Beautiful.

  3. Beautiful pictures Anastasia - especially the top one - reminds me a lot of here!
    So sorry to hear about your grandmother..i can imagine how frustrating the distance is..and i know how stubborn grandparents are :)

  4. Such lovely photos! You need to do a painting of that house.

  5. these cyprus photos are beautiful. such lovely colors and light and amazing architectural details.
    empathizing with you... my grandmother is also in early alzheimer's in india and it has been really hard. my dad is with her right now and he has been going every year, but it is much harder for us to be able to go and i worry about her a lot.

  6. Anonymous7:28 AM

    I love it! Can you imagine, I could be married to Greek Cypriot right now and I could be living in Lemessos, Cyprus???? I don't know......I could still....If I wanted.....But, I don't wanna. Maybe I will just go for a visit???We could meet there??? Oh your grandparents sound adorable! Mine are total nutcakes...My grandpa Pedro decided he hated his hearing aid and the fact that he had to use one. so he chucked it out the window while driving his massive van down the street.....LOL. I am so glad your hectic week is over!! Yippee!!!
    I want to stick my arms in those bags of grains, up to my elbows and feel all the raspy wonderful textures...

  7. Anonymous9:32 AM

    what stunning photos!! i feel like i had a little visit there.

    sorry about your grandmother xxx

  8. I have my passport, do you want to meet in Cyprus tomorrow?? My sister, Vanessa, has a whole bunch of friends in Cyprus and she never wants to go visit them, isn't that silly!!??!! I love your photographs! I must agree with you on the green bagels I shared on my blog, they are pretty icky!!

  9. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Lovely photos!


    I can imagine how hard it is to be far away from the ones you love. My good thoughts will hold you.

  10. I remember how frustrating a job can be!! I am thankful for retirement. Boy, I love those photos. I know I will probably never be there, and it's wonderful to see photos from someone I "know". Love ya, girl!!

  11. Beautiful photos!!! It makes me wish I were there too!

  12. I do so hope that one day we have a cure for the insidious alzheimers. Research is showing more promise all the time. My heart is with you and your grandmother Anastasia.
    It sounds as if you could use a break. I'm glad to hear that your home feels like a refuge for you. That's as it should be.
    Your photographs of Cyprus are beautiful. I've always wanted to visit Greece, just to experience the quality of the light. It's always seemed like no other to me in the movies and photos that I've seen.

  13. Gorgeous photos of Greece. I have been many times, it's one of our favourite places, but have never visited Cyprus.

    My grandmother had alzheimers. It's a horrible illness that robs you of your loved ones in front of your eyes. I'm sure you must bworry about her.

  14. Anonymous6:50 PM

    I love those photos, the house is amazing. Nice to see something a little different to your normal surroundings. Renee x

  15. Anonymous9:41 PM

    beautiful photos...

    We're going away for a week in April and I can't wait. It'll be good to be all together for a while.

  16. Thanks SO much for all your wonderful comments, you gals are the best!!!

  17. I've never been to cyprus, how fantastic your grandparents live there. It looks such an amazing place. I'll pray for her, and try not to worry about her - Julia x

  18. Thank you for showing us such incredible sights. I dream of becoming a more adventurous traveler. I'm so sorry about your Grandmother.

  19. I love your photos- saw them earlier on flickr. So sorry to hear about your grandmother, getting old is so frightening from a distance. Be thankful that your grandfather is still with her, it makes such a difference to her well-being.

  20. You made me want to go on holiday. Cyprus looks beautiful.
    I know what you mean being away and not able to stay a bit closer to your loved ones. Stubborn people live longer :)

  21. cyprus looks so beautiful! i know how it feels to be away when a loved one is not well {my dad had a very long illness before he passed away} and it is so hard. it is so good that she has your grandfather with her.
    sending you good energy, anastasia!

  22. OH gosh, that old house w/ the blue door and window, it's so neat! And it's just begging to be drawn or painted! :)


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