May 22, 2007

Honey Balls anyone??

The Wine festival was a great success…lots of people gathered and I was really surprised at all the free wine! Usually when you have wine tasting they give you a little cup and a teeny tiny taste – well not at this festival!
They were filling the cups right up…I guess it’s the Greek way of life - good wine, plenty of food , lots of music and dance and their happy!

I found a recipe online at Burek boy for the honey balls (locoumades) and his method with pics is here. My mother in law adds mashed potato to hers for extra crunch!

Some young kids danced the traditional folk dances. The Water Jug dance is cute! It potrays village life where the young girls would go down to the local spring to fill their ceramic jugs. The local village boys would follow them and flirt which the girls would ignore of course until one of the boys causes the girl to break her jug, he then presents her with some flowers and a new jug and all is well again. The other dance is the 'Sieve dance' using the olf fashioned sieves that every household would have.
He places two small glasses filled with brandy and dances them around up and over his head, the movements so fast that nothing ever falls...not one drop of Brandy!!

The traditional costumes in the pictures are what people used to wear everyday. I have a great picture of my grandfather Solomos and his brothers all wearing their Vrakas (pants) and knee high boots! I might have to show you one day!


  1. This looks like such a wonderful time in so many ways! I think those honey balls sound delicious and I would like to try making them one day.
    I feel a bit like I've been to this festival with you.
    Thanks for the wonderful post!

  2. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Mmmm I'm drooling over the honey balls :) I love traditional festivals, the costumes, dances, stories (oh, and the wine)-thanks so much for sharing.

  3. honey balls and wine...and we have a festival now where we eat a lot of cheese...we would do quite well together!!

  4. hey anastasia, thanks for the mention and link :D i hadn't heard about the trick of adding mashed potatoes to make the lokoumades more crunchy. will give it a try next time. the recipe i posted makes for very crunchy ones on the exterior and soft on the interior.

  5. i would love to see your grandfather in his traditional clothes! the festival sounds like so much fun... honey balls and wine and dancing... fantastic! xo

  6. What a wonderful time you had! Full glasses of wine... Mmmmmm.... Sounds great! Glad you had fun!

  7. Everything looks so yummy!! look like a great time!

  8. Anonymous2:08 AM

    This is a touch of paradise isn't it? How I wsh i could be sitting there listening to the music, and eating those good things!

  9. Those honey balls look delicious and I don't even like honey. lol


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