May 19, 2007

Paper fun!
Say hi to Lila, my first ever Paper Art doll...she was fun to make and has moveable elbows and knees just so she can dance and stretch! too cute! I got to use some of my vintage trimming for her party dress...aint she pretty...
She is on her way to the USA now...

So yesterday I had my appointment with the mouth surgeon and the tooth that lost its way and embedded itself in my gum has got to go!! Im bummed about that but hey its the only way if Im ever going to get these braces on so
Im booked in for surgery on the 30th May! As the doctor was talking I was thinking to myself ...' Hmmm but the Papercraft festival is on the
1st June.' ...crafting or surgery??
I know what Id prefer to do but its got to be done sooner than later I guess and I'll be all puffed up and seeping blood from the mouth....not a good look !! Its an overnight stay and I should be back to normal within a week. Looks like I'll be living on liquids or soggy food for a bit...yum, love my soup!

To perk me up a bit I bought this book,
love it!! beautiful pictures, makes you want to pack up and move to Italia and drink espresso all day long....Crustation blogged about the author a while back, its a great book - check it next time you're in a bookstore!

Tommorow we are going to the annual Wine Festival at the Cypriot club. My mother in law volunteers in the womans committee and we promised her we'd go so it will be a day of eating souvalki, honey balls and taste testing wine...hope the weather holds out and I can take lots of photos!
Have a fun weekend everyone....

Some ATCs I made!


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  2. Sorry about that, I had a few spelling issues. My cat decided to walk across the keyboard. xox

    I just wanted to say I absolutely adore your trading cards. The images of the girls are so very beautiful.

    I wish I could attend the paper craft fair you were referring to. It would be a wonderful event to see and inspire.

    I hope everything goes well with your tooth. I am also having visits to the dentist at the moment, but mine is for a root canal. I'll be thinking of you. xox

  3. Cathy3:05 PM

    Hello Lila!!!

    Good luck with your mouth surgery. Just turn it into a positive - you don't have to do much housework or cooking - you can spend your time planning future projects!

  4. Your paper doll is gorgeous!! I think you should do a tutorial on that sometime!! I would love to try that.
    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your wine tasting. Are you trading your ATC's?
    Would love to trade with you...
    you can check out my flick ac:
    I hope your surgery goes okay!!

  5. cruststation9:40 PM

    Ouch on the mouth surgery, good luck with everything and hope it goes well. The paperdoll is beautiful, well done. Love the ATC with the bird drawing! The Papercraft festival looks fun, perhaps you can still catch it?

  6. I love your ATCs! Great work!

    I'm sorry to hear that you will have to have tooth surgery but hopefully you will recover quickly and be back to your normal self.

    The book that you bought looks delightful and - I agree - it would be so nice to pack up and move to Italy and drink espresso all day long. Count me in! Ha!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend! :)

  7. I've never seen anything like that movable paper doll, it's really so cool. Will you make a bunch to sell any time soon?

    Good luck with the surgery, I bet you won't feel a thing and then you'll get to eat a lot of ice cream and pudding afterwards.

  8. I am totally lovin your ATC's. You are on to something, keep it up,,,Sorry about the tooth. I think you are right get it over with! I pray you have a quick recovery!

  9. good luck with the surgery Anastasia..
    you are on such a roll with your paper crafts lately...lovely!xxx

  10. do not envy you on the dental surgery. ouch. good luck.
    cute ATC's and paper doll.

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  12. Are you having one tooth removed? It really won't be that bad! I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed and I was fine within a day! I stopped bleeding that same afternoon. Just make sure you don't drink out a straw, you can bust the stitches. I love your little girl, she reminds me of the little girl from The Secret Garden. I LOVE the Italian Joy book. I went to Italy when I turned 18 and I really couldn't appreciate it because I was still a morbid teenager. I can't wait to go back!! I must go buy this book!

  13. oh!! yuck! sorry you have to go in for the extraction...but as you said, better now than later.

    your ATCs and Lila (HI LILA!!) are wonderful them both.

  14. the wine festival sounds *wonderful*... hope you had a lovely time!
    i love the new paper doll and ATCs. so cute! and thinking of you with the dental surgery... i have to go in as well for a follow-up gum surgery at some point this summer and i just want to put it off... ugh... back to soup and pudding!

  15. So the tooth has got to go huh? Argh. An overnight stay? When I had all my wisdom teeth, they had me in and out in 3 hours. Gosh, yours must be really serious. I am sure it will all work at just fine. It just is annoying...Luckily it is soon. As here, they would tell you you could not get in until, well, a long time.

    Love LILA!! She is wonderful, and so are the ATC's. Can't wait to hear about the wine...

  16. Renee2:24 PM

    I love that paper doll! So sweet, gosh is there anything you cant do? So creative, we must meet up one day! Renee xo

  17. the butterfly collector12:09 PM

    oh I love her! She is fabulous1 love that paper too, it is the most fab wallpaper I've ever found, wish there was lots more! Have you seen that new Art paper doll book yet ?, here's the link ...
    I was very tempted, but ended up buying three other collage books instead! Oh and your honey balls look fabulous!

  18. Oh you poor dear! I hope all goes well and you recover quickly. I love your little doll, what a sweetie she is! When my crafty stuff arrives, can we swap dolls? I haven't made one in ages and they're so fun :)

  19. These Atcs Are the besty best! ...and I love Lila!


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