June 12, 2007

Splish Splash....

Here is my finished ‘She Sells Sea Shells’ 4 x 4 collage for
Danielle Mueller’s Vintage Dragonfly swap.
This took a while – my canvas wasn’t cooperating. Im not confident using paints at all and so decided to use Twinkling H2O’s which give a nice layered look but this canvas struggled with me!
I must have redone the background at least 10 times and again it was creating a pool of water that wasn’t drying right!
When it finally did dry it left it looking bland and dull. Maybe my paints are off?!
Who knows - I bought them about a year ago and used them twice before like here
How typical of me….I really need to sort my supplies and use what I have at home – no more buying new stuff!!
Anyway some of the splotches might look like beach spray what do you think? haha….

Jennifer had me as her partner which was nice as I love her creations! look what she made for me!!! Cant wait to receive it…not only did she make that but she made more than one and had me choose – clever girl!! Lucky me!!


  1. Anonymous3:08 PM

    You are doing Great!!! Have no fear, the paint is your friend!! Just creep in! :)

    Ooo, love your treasure! And love thepost below. I hate being away. it is a terrible thing...xxxoooo Missed you! xxxoooo

  2. Love it! You are doing great on your collage work!

  3. Lovely work - so much atmosphere.

  4. Oh wow! I adore what you both did! Your piece looks amazing, I would never have known you redid parts.

  5. Anonymous7:04 PM

    I love how similar yours and Jennifer's work looks, I like your paint splotches, they make an interesting pattern :)

  6. very nice...where do you find the time??

  7. Ooh, this is lovely!!!

  8. Oh - I like how the paint splotches look! I try to let go and let the splotches just happen and leave be......but then I go and overpaint it! I also struggled with my 4x4's, but I love how yours turned out!

  9. Oh, I just love that! Great stuff!

  10. Anonymous4:30 AM

    i love the seaside theme! soooo fun.

  11. i love your collage! i think the splashes are perfect there.
    and i also like the one you are receiving, what a wonderful exchange!

  12. Oh my gosh I just love what you came up with, it is so adorable. You should be proud of it, I really love all of the layers of washed paint. Fabulous work!

  13. I think your design is wondeful! The paint splotches look like water bubbles and as if they are supposed to be there. Unless you are painting a still life-you should just free your mind and work with whatever channels through you. It was meant to be! Heck, even if you are doing a still life, create in the same way--do whatever comes to you. It's the creative muses working through you if you let them.


  14. I like both of them!
    I think yours turned out really nice, but I know how frustrating it can be to struggle with a project. Sometimes those are the ones that we learn the most from. I think it's great that you didn't give up and now you have this great artwork to send off to Jennifer.
    Take care.

  15. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Your artwork is gorgeous! The background turned out great and I love her sparkles! And don't be afraid of paint, here's some lessons I've learned ... just remember this ... sometimes mistakes turn into great masterpieces and if all else fails you can paint over it and try again! Hope you are having a fabulous Thurs!

  16. Oh! But I like the splotches. Sometimes it is nice to take advantage form "mistakes" in the work and see things from a different perspective.

  17. Your canvas are fantastic ! Both yours and your swap partner. I just love them ....

  18. I love seeing your work. I just mentioned you today on the new Club Little House blog.

  19. Beautiful! Screw the paints if you're not comfortable! Wait until some day when you feel like a daredevil and want to try something new! Your work is spectacular and doesn't need any paint if you don't want to!


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