June 8, 2007

A Touch of Glamour .....

Its pouring in Sydney today so Im stuck at home with my Neo
but Ive been reading the latest australian Harpers Bazaar which features guest editor Dita Von Teese,
who was here for Australian Fashion Week last month.
When I heard she was coming out for that I wondered what she'd think of Australian fashion? Its not as grown up or sophisticated as European fashions, definetely no John Galliano' s here but she said she was quite impressed.

Imagine being so immaculately dressed all the time, her hair is always perfectly coiffed and she has a very ladylike look - that sort of commitment has to be admired right?

im quite low maintenance myself, I mean I really need to push myself to get totaly glamed up, I havent painted my nails in months!
dont get me wrong I love being a girly girl and am so into makeup and beauty goodies! The first time I walked into Sephora (on the Champs Elysees store in Paris) I almost had a heart attack from the excitement!
Most times Im just so comfy in my laid back jeans and ballet flats (my casual look), hair up in a daggy bun
but its really exciting when you do get invited to something special that needs a little preparation and not just a quick shave of the legs in the shower.
Next weekend my workplace is holding their annual awards party and the dress theme is 'Glam it up'
so we're all very excited at work (we, as in the girls)!
A chance to dress up and have a good time!
Im going to wear what I have - a strappy black number that is simple but has some pretty pleat detail.
Im going to pair it with black fishnet tights and black peeptoe heels, add some pretty chandelier earrings in shades of purple! Cant wait!!

I also read in the mag that the Paris Opera ballet is coming to Sydney - love this image from their ballet layout....now who can I convince to go with me, I doubt Andrew would want to?!

I created these "Parisian Showgirl' mood collages
and entered in Decor8's mood board competition.
Some great Amy Butler prizes - 3 days left!
I bought some of Amy Butler's paper recently - its gorgeous!!!

Have a fun weekend everyone - we have a long weekend coming up (Queens birthday) and are having a cousin fly up from Melbourne to spend it with us - should be good adventureous weekend!!


  1. Great collages, Anastasia - I always picture you as such a glamorous person! Have a great weekend despite the weather - it's rainy here in France too.

  2. cruststation8:29 PM

    Wow, what do you work as? Your work life sounds exciting especially 'hosting the annual awards party' -how glam! Love your mood boards, hope you win! (I love those tights in the collage)

  3. i'll go to the ballet with you! i love the ballet. in ny an old friend of mine lived with a woman who worked for the nyc ballet and would give us free tickets. i loooooooooooooved it.
    and your party sounds fun. (i love fishnets with peep toes shoes!)i too like to get dressed up on occasion. one thing i like about ny is you can dress casually or glam and it's always okay. here in ecuador women usually dress somewhere in the middle all the time.

  4. The party sounds like fun. I love those damask tights. I'm wondering what a daggy bun is and how fun - having a celebration for the Queen's birthday.

  5. Hi!! I was so excited to see that my swap partner was from Australia! How exciting. I love your blog. It is so much fun.

  6. What a great life you have at the moment, love your excitement about the glam night. Have fun.

  7. Woah! Love the style!

  8. Great mood boards, I've been meaning to put one together for the contest, thanks for the reminder!! Thank you for voting in the decorated bra contest.

  9. Hi Anastasia
    thank you so much for your comment I'm so happy that u liked the print, so happy to hear.

    My computer broke after a huge storm here and I've been having problems with the email now, I lost all my emails and email adresses.... it makes me think about a SATC episode when carrie losts all her computer work.... :-(

  10. Sounds like you had a nice time reading your mag while the rain poured down outside... by the way I'd love to be able to go and see the Paris Opera ballet as well.

  11. Great mood boards!
    I'm like you, casual clothes ~ but the wardrobe is chock full of the girly stuff, it just doesn't get worn so often, the effort is just too much!

  12. monica1:20 AM

    I bet Dita doesn't look after kids all day!!!

    You must go to the ballet. Even if by yourself!

  13. Beautiful! I just found your blog through Michelle Caplan, I'll be returning for more!

  14. The mood boards are great,and I adore Dita Von Teese;s personal style.

  15. i also love the chance to dress up sometimes!! Enjoy your party - sounds unusual and a chance to let your bun down!!

  16. i wonder if dita and her husband fight over the make-up, imagine the supplies they must have together!
    i love clothes but am low maintenance too.
    the party sounds like so much fun!

  17. i forgot to say, i love your moodboard and i am glad you are feeling better. i am having a crown put on today {one of so many!}.

  18. She is always so galm, but I always found it slightly weird that she was married to Marilyn Manson !


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