June 20, 2007

Illustration Friday - Rejection
Three's a crowd
Sulky little sister always felt rejected when friends came to play...
My 6yr old niece felt sad a couple of week's ago as two of her best friends paired off and didnt want to play with her anymore...school yard rejection....awww! poor Styliana....


  1. cruststation9:13 PM

    This is a beautiful drawing Anastasia, but sad at the same time. Hope your niece is alright...

  2. Oh so true. 3 girls together = disaster!

  3. Yes. I used to be left out when my cousins came to play. so sad. No, I just beat them up. Just joking. heheheh

  4. Nice illo for this topic! It never feels good, at any age, to be left out. I like the socks!

  5. Oh Styliana is fine - I think it was resolved the next day! haha...kids!

  6. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I was a rejected little sister. My sister had the gall to go to a Debbie Gibson concert without me and I was inconsolable. But then she got dancefloor tickets for a New Kids on the Block concert and all was forgiven. Thankfully, my teenybopper years are a distant memory and my musical taste is more diverse these days. Thanks for the drawing, it was nice having this little trip down memory lane.

  7. great take on the topic. wonderfully illustrated. we are 3 sisters too and gave the younger one a really hard time growing up. at that age 4 years was a huge difference. though we did try to make up and she is the favourite she still hasnt completely forgiven us as yet!

  8. I am so excited about joining in with this!

    First time next friday!


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