June 20, 2007

Illustration Friday - Rejection
Three's a crowd
Sulky little sister always felt rejected when friends came to play...
My 6yr old niece felt sad a couple of week's ago as two of her best friends paired off and didnt want to play with her anymore...school yard rejection....awww! poor Styliana....


  1. Anonymous9:13 PM

    This is a beautiful drawing Anastasia, but sad at the same time. Hope your niece is alright...

  2. Oh so true. 3 girls together = disaster!

  3. Anonymous1:30 AM

    Yes. I used to be left out when my cousins came to play. so sad. No, I just beat them up. Just joking. heheheh

  4. Nice illo for this topic! It never feels good, at any age, to be left out. I like the socks!

  5. Oh Styliana is fine - I think it was resolved the next day! haha...kids!

  6. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I was a rejected little sister. My sister had the gall to go to a Debbie Gibson concert without me and I was inconsolable. But then she got dancefloor tickets for a New Kids on the Block concert and all was forgiven. Thankfully, my teenybopper years are a distant memory and my musical taste is more diverse these days. Thanks for the drawing, it was nice having this little trip down memory lane.

  7. Anonymous1:56 PM

    great take on the topic. wonderfully illustrated. we are 3 sisters too and gave the younger one a really hard time growing up. at that age 4 years was a huge difference. though we did try to make up and she is the favourite she still hasnt completely forgiven us as yet!

  8. I am so excited about joining in with this!

    First time next friday!


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