June 21, 2007


Everyone is feeling a little sick in my household.... we're all rugged up and home today.
No school for Peter...he was so upset that he couldnt go - he just loves preschool!

Andrew has been away for work so this week has been hard for me tending to two sick boys plus its freezing so waking up during the night to cries of 'Mummmeee' have been really difficult!!!
Im tired....

On a happier note my brother in law got back from a work trip to the USA and bought back a pile of american magazines (plus lots of other goodies) so Im set for a relaxing day snuggled up! ....he bought some hershey's chocolate which I dont really like...its very powdery. Ive been having Lindt 85% dark chocolate lately so anything else tastes sickly sweet.
Im really craving apple crumble with lots of custard though....Yum! guess I might just have to make some!

oh had to show you my ribbon loot that came from Jessica, thanks SO much....cute vintage patterns too! I have such nice blogging friends!! Isnt the french ribbon pretty pretty!?

I'll leave you with some cosy pics........

* top pic by Daniel Farmer
* Middle pic by Chris Everard
*Bottom pic Romantic Homes 6/07

*Ribbons by me


  1. Take some Vitamin C. Hope you don't get sick. That ribbon is beautiful!

  2. the butterfly collector3:26 PM

    Oh no, hope they get well soon. I love the snuggly jumpers on the chair picture and isn't it nice to curl up with a new magazine! And I know, hershey's is not quite right compared to all the wonderful chocolate choices and biscuits we have here. I remember being on a desperate search for some cadbury and twinings when landing in London after a 3 month stint in the USA, they don't know what they are missing out on!

  3. cruststation5:22 PM

    Hope you and your little boys get better soon. At least you have warm duvets with lots of magazines to enjoy in bed :) The first two picture settings should have you healing in no time.

  4. I was a sickie this week too, but I'm feeling better now and what a treat to spot your lovely photos!

  5. Oh! I hope things are a bit easier on you today and you can have a relaxing day with your wonderful magazines. the image with the pile of jumpers (?) and blankets is so good. love it!
    I also prefer dark chocolate as I find other very sweet ... and apple crumble ... yummy!
    and definitely the french ribbons is really nice ... un,ddeux, trois ... it made me smile.
    btw- you should have received something from this parte of the world. haven't you? I'm a bit worried now but maybe it is taking a bit longer.
    have a good weekend and hope everyone gets better and cozy.

  6. the top two photos are lovley and heart warming - not nice being sick...hope you are all better soon and i think that apple crumble and custard is the BEST medicine!!!!
    Have a lovely weekend xxx

  7. i hope everyone feels better soon! i think crawling into bed with a pile of magazines sounds like a great way to spend a sick day. or maybe crawl under a bif pile of cozy sweaters like in that secon picture!

  8. sorry your sick!I'm with you Dark Chocalate all the way! I love your ribbon goodies!

  9. Oh No! What a sick crowd! hehehe. Wow, I am sad I can't go to preschool either. Painting, playing. Oh what fun!!! Hope you all feel better. Yes, the chocolate here is terrible compared to what you guys eat over there. We'll eat anything it seems. ;) What a beautiful post, despite the sickness... xxxooo


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