June 25, 2007

Little Matchbox girl.....
I had such a wonderful relaxing weekend...the boys are feeling so much better buts it was really cold outside so we stayed indoors quite a bit.
They played and played, got bored, watched DVDs, fought over toys …it’s so hard to keep them entertained especially when they wake up so early and I’m in a zombie state until I have a strong cup of tea …. Lucky Andrew got the grocery shopping out of the way early in the morning and entertained them quite a bit as I had so much to do!
I got to catch up on lots of laundry, cleaning up plus some crafting in the evening.

I really enjoyed decorating this wee matchbox for Natasha’s shabby chic matchbox swap
It’s amazing how many things you can fit inside – I filled mine up with buttons, charms, flower embellishments and beads. Off it goes to Maria in Arizona…I hope it doesn’t get squashed on its long journey.
I think they’d make cute birthday party favours… speaking of birthday’s….it was my god-daughter Victoria’s 2nd birthday yesterday! She is such a darling little thing!! Have a wonderful year sweet girl!!


  1. Anonymous4:12 PM

    very cute! What a great idea, I love the ideas people come up with to revamp things, there are some great vintage bottles around, embellished record cover sleeves and now matchbook swaps, what will be next?

  2. Anonymous8:07 PM

    I love these matchbox swaps, been seeing them on flickr and impressed by what people come up with. Also, isn't it fun to fill such a tiny box with goodies? There's something ingenious about finding wonderful things to put inside...Your box is beautiful! So happy you had a good relaxing weekend. Happy birthday to your god-daughter.

  3. hello sweet anastasia! i'm so enjoying catching up over here and seeing all the lovely things you have been making! hope you're having a great day! xo

  4. Hi Anastasia,

    nice to meet you! Thank you for your kimd comment on my nlog!
    I saw your pictures in the bit's and pieces flickr group today and am now looking forward to get my collage :D I have your's finished as well and we should now exchange our addresses. Would your please contanct/e-mail me?

    Best wishes from Germany


  5. Anonymous11:20 PM

    You keep making the prettiest things! Around here at the moment it is pretty cold too, with lots of rain and gales - not nice weather for the end of June in England!

    Have a lovely week :)

  6. Love the match boxes. What a great idea to incorporate them into a banner. Can never have enough banners!

  7. Anonymous2:34 PM

    I just love those little matchboxes!!! It is so weird that it is winter there.... xoxoxoxo

  8. I've been enjoying seeing everyone post about their matchboxes more than any swap I've seen. Yours is really great!

  9. A matchbox swap, what a fantastic idea, yours looks adorable. Not too expensive to send either, which is what I find the trouble with swaps, most of the time the postage costs more than what you acutally paid for the swap items ! - love Julia x


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