June 26, 2007

On a Roll.....

Well not really…but I love getting time to sit and finish stuff, don’t you?
Finito… out of the way…what’s next?

I really love Jenny’s art and style so when she announced a swap I jumped at the chance to join in….I loved going through my papers and embellishments to find the right bits and pieces for this collage.
My swap partner is Carol all the way in Germany – don’t you love how blogging makes the world a smaller (and brighter) place!?
Her favourite colours were
Light Blue
Aqua Blue
& Sepia so I kept all these colours in mind when making this – hope she likes it!!

Ohhh Im going to see the Paris Opera Ballet ‘Jewels’ this Friday!!
My sister was keen to go and we’re taking my nieces as they both study classical ballet! Can’t wait!
Should be beautiful….did I mention Christian Lacroix ( ‘Lacroix sweetie Lacroix’ for any ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ fans) is the costume and set designer so will be spectacular for sure!!


  1. Anonymous6:40 PM

    That's such a beautiful collage, I love all the images you'd chosen and every embellishment (my fav!) I am amazed that you are forever crafting/drawing and being creative, your work is improving all the time! Enjoy the ballet, the costumes and sets will be spectacular!

  2. lovely collage... i am sure your swap partner will love it!! have a wonderful time at the ballet. it sounds spectacular. xo

  3. Beautiful collage, Anastasia. Have fun at the ballet - it sounds like it's going to be great.

  4. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Oooooh what a beautiful collage you have created Anastacia. I adore the colours as well. I have been reading back through your posts to see what I have missed. Hope you are all feeling better now. Take care, Nic xox.

  5. It's absolutely charming. She will love it. I'm crazy about the images you chose. Have a wonderful time at the opera.

  6. Lucky lucky swap partner!! I missed out on this swap.....I feel like I'm the only one out there that didn't know about it! Great job on yours!! Love it!

  7. What a lovely collage and swap piece, isn't it fun to experiment?!

  8. I love the ballet and finishing projects!!! Great collage. I haven't finished a piece of work in so long, ugh, I need to find more time within the 24 hours in each day!!

  9. Anonymous7:07 AM

    i love the ballet! have a great time. and the collage is fabuloso!

  10. Heaven to betsy do I love Christian Lacroix!!!I also love your comment about the world being a smaller place through blogging...and calling that color Sepia! Its my new fave color!

  11. Anonymous9:45 PM

    your collage is lovely! And the Ballet looks great, I just took a look at their site! Looks like you will have a wonderful time!

  12. Anonymous12:54 AM

    What an adorable creation! And the ballet?? Oh, Christian, what a fab person to design the costumes! PLease bring back detail! xoxooxo (As if I knew the man, Christian... hehehe)

  13. Anonymous4:28 AM

    What a fabulous collage! I love the way all the images compliment each other and the colors are wonderful. What a lucky gal your swap partner is. A beautiful piece.


  14. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Beautiful collage, such pretty Summer colours :) Have a wonderful time at the ballet, it sounds like something you'll remember for a long time, especially if it's designed by Christian Lacroix!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. ooooooohhh the ballet..hope you have a great time and your collage is lovely!!

    Have a great weekend xx

  16. THis is so beautiful!


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