June 30, 2007

Floating by.....

What is in our girly genetic makeup that makes little girls pretend to be ballerinas?
I dont know about you but when I was little I was fascinated with them - I think it must have started when I got my first jewellery box - a precious pink wind up box that played twinkling music and had a pretty twirling ballerina on a spring - that box was my joy for many years...
Im sure all the satin ribbons, soft layers of tulle and glitzy tiara's has a lot to do with it but even now as an adult Im in awe of their suppleness and strong but graceful bodies
I love to break out into a twirl and leap every now and then much to the amusement of my boys...even Andrew my husband cracks up...I usually land in a heavy thud though... not very elegant haha

The Paris Opera Ballet performance of 'Jewels' last night was spectacular! Im so glad I went! The costumes were stunning!...Velvet green corsets with green tulle calf length skirts for 'Emeralds', red short skirts and thick red corsets for 'Rubies', a much more playful dance and the 'Diamond' act was oyster white corsets with lots of sparkle and short stiff tutus....very very beautiful, very elegant!!

A great way to finish a tiring work week. My work schedule is a little crazy with end of financial reports due soon. I dont know, I cant seem to handle work stress very well anymore...Im not afraid of hard work but all I can hear is....tick tick tick ....and deadlines approaching and I get all anxious....I keep thinking of my boys at their grandmothers, I feel guilty being away from them especially working on my days off, I feel guilty that my parents have to look after them - its very tiring looking after two active boys and quite unfair to them (big cheer to caring grandparents)!
15 years ago it was all about my career, trying to impress, long hours slogging it out but I guess my priorities have changed now...

I havnt had a chance to check out my favourite blogs, I have a ton of email and mail to go through and I havnt done any crafting or drawing this week!
Ive also been invited by Australian Papercrafts Magazine to participate in their 'Artist and the stamp' rubber stamp challenge. They mailed me the rubber stamp last week and Ive just been looking at it haha trying to get inspired!...I have 4weeks to do something with it.

This beautiful box came in the mail the other day. Its from Maria, my Shabby chic Matchbox swap partner...its just gorgeous and the contents are adorable! it even smells wonderful, I dont know if Maria sprayed it with perfume but it sure smells divine!!!

I was very sad and shocked to hear a fellow blogger Daisy Lupin whom I had done a Christmas Ornament swap with sadly passed away last week. Her blog was always full of delightful images and beautiful words....Rest in Peace Hilary.
sigh! life with its ups and downs
Live it... Love it... Enjoy each moment!


Top - Painting by Degas, Illustration by Christian Lacroix featured in Bazaar, Swan Lake illustration by Maraja


  1. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I am sooo glad you went to the ballet/opera! How wonderful. I know what you mean about work. I don't have kids, but I even hear my cell phone ring and my belly turns to mush, flip flopping like a fish. Anxiety galore. I don't want it anymore. I am over it. But, a girl has to have a job. Ya know? I can imagine how you must feel with the boys. It must be so hard. I am sure your parents would never want to miss a second with them. Insipration for your stamp challenge.. let's search together. I seem to have lost a bit of my mojo.
    Yes, so sad about the loss of a fellow blogger. I saw that last week and was shocked. I never got a chance to be touched by her, but it seems that many did..... May she soar above... in peace... xxooo

  2. I loved seeing all the ballerinas, but I never actually wanted to be one...I was way too tom-boy for that!!

  3. How wonderful for you to have gone to the ballet. My first jewelry box had a ballerina too and I still have it.

  4. Anonymous3:05 AM

    Did you ever go to ballet class? The show sounds wonderful and, I love the Christian Lacroix illustration. Dagas' painting is the best depiction of ballet ever!

  5. empathizing with the work stress... just one more week i keep telling myself! if i can get through this it will all be ok!
    the ballet sounds so so beautiful. i did not go through a ballet phase myself but i love to watch it and be enchanted by the grace and the beautiful costumes.

  6. Also love the ballet...the sketches are devine!!!!!

  7. I am so sad about your friend!
    Anastasia,you just forget about worrying about us,spend time with yur family when you can,I toohave been scarce lately,as my family has needed me quite abit.Your boys grandparents are doing a wonderful thing for everyone! It is a win-win situation!
    Oh,and even thoughit seems like all I ever wanted to be was an actress,before that,before I could even read it was a BAllerina! Beautiful pics!

  8. As I child I had one of those plastic cake decoration ballerinas on a few of my birthday cakes. I also used to tie ribbons on my feet to pretend I was a ballet dancer as a small child !

  9. yes I also wanted to be a ballerina when I was a little girl and like you I also had a jewelery music box with a ballerina dancing in front of a little mirror when you lifted the lid. it was a mozart tune that it played. I still remember it was pink inside and white with little flowers outside :)
    Glad you liked the opera/ballet. it is always so elegant.
    wow! congratulations for the invitation by the magazine. that is cool!
    so sorry about Hilary ...

  10. Those ballet photos are stunning. You know... I've NEVER been to a ballet? I don't remember it anyway. Now I'm wanting to go to one!

    xo... :)


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