July 3, 2007

Show and Tell Time

If I have a spare hour or so on a Saturday, the thing I love to do most is visit Rozelle Flea markets. I get a takeaway Cappucino and slowly work my way through each stall

Sadly its been raining quite a bit the last month and the flea market being an outdoor location has been closed so when I had to find a vintage tea cup for MaryAnne’s Vintage Tea Room swap I went to my local ‘Old wares” shop

I found this beauty for my partner Valerie – I love the oyster look pearly lustre finish and heart detail on the saucer ….pretty pretty!
I also made her a TeaPot card ( with the crazy polka dot teabags) and included some scottish shortbread biscuits and Twinings tea...
You can see all the beautiful teacups in the swap here

There are lots of people in my area who would never be caught dead in a second hand/thrift store…whenever I go to the Old Wares shop I see them all hanging outside, curious, peeping through the front window…I have to smile as Im sure they are dying to have a poke
Oh well all the better for all us junk lovers!!

Look what came in the mail the other day – wonderful goodies all the way from Portugal from Paula! Awesome vintage buttons – she sent so many, im so lucky!!! they are gorgeous!!
Vintage style paperdolls which I just adore!!! vintage school books with the sweetest illustrations on the cover, I also got some soap, vintage style tissues, lots of Vichy skincare samples – Ohhh lovely! We don’t stock that brand in Australia – thanks so much Paula!!!
Paula also introduced me to this cool French blog which shares daily some great vintage images for any collage/vintage addict!!


  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    A very pretty find. And I love the teapot card...adorable...and those cute polka dot tea bags...CUTE!

    Cindy (yappingcat)

  2. A flea market every weekend? Lucky girl! Love the teapot card.

  3. Anonymous8:04 PM

    What a beautiful cup and saucer, I believe that effect is called 'Pearlescent'. There's some great ones in the flickr group too. Love everything Paula sent you, she's so thoughtful :)

  4. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Hello! Gosh i love Rozelle Markets too - it would be fun to go together one day! Browsing around there looking at all the treasures, what a great way to spend an afternoon. Love the buttons also, fabulous. Renee xo

  5. what a gorgeous package from Paula!! lucky you. and have to say, i love that teacup...what a good find.

  6. Anonymous2:46 AM

    oh my gosh, your card is BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFL BEAUTIFUL!!! i have been loving all your work!!!! big hug to you, crafty mama!

  7. I love that tea-pot card,so clever!Wow,you recieved some amazing goodies! ...and thanx for the new places to visit!

  8. I love flea markets and thrift shops. in fact last week I went to one (I call it charity shops because in england that's what they call them) and got myself a desk, a lamp and a little cute 1960's style mini seat.
    I'm planning to post about these things during this week.
    So glad you like the buttons and the rest. actually I think the paper dolls are a special paper for making collages because there are other designs.
    what... you don't have vichy in australia? I thought you could find it everywhere. next time I know :)
    I have been using vichy since I was 15. sometimes I change but always come back to it. now you know my beauty secret :D

  9. I don't understand people who won't go into junk stores. They are so incredibly wonderful!?!? Why would you NOT want to go into them!??

    Like you said though... more junk for the rest of us. HA! :)

    Loved the teacup swap idea. Maybe I'll do one of those for the fall on my blog. That would be fun, eh?

  10. lovely tea cup for your swap partner!! she will be thrilled! and it is lucky that not too many people go to the thrift stores where you are... more goodies for you :)
    and what a gorgeous package from paula... she is so sweet!

  11. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Lovley goodies form Paula!! And the tea cup im sure will make your swap partner very happy!!!
    Another fan of charity shops which we dont have here :(((((

  12. love the cup and your card! i also got buttons from paula and i absolutely love them!

  13. I love the stuff you posted! I wish there are more vintage stuff in my country. I'm in Malaysia by the way.


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