July 6, 2007

If you can organise your kitchen, you can organise your life

I like that quote and hope it applies to me haha

Im really excited about Crustation’s House project.
The room Ive been assigned to design and draw is the kitchen – awesome!!
The kitchen Im planning is more playful and colourful than these kitchens but I thought Id share some of my favourite kitchen images that I have saved on my computer.

I always regard the kitchen the heart of the home – a place to prepare food and nurture loved ones, a place to gather, entertain or to chat after a weary day at work (my life right now), a meeting point for the whole family.
Open plan kitchens are even better as it brings the family even closer!
Im not a fan of sleek modern kitchens. The Australian interior magazines really emphasise these so
I guess they are popular but not with me - I want warm and wholesome! I want a kitchen to smell like cinnamon and comfort!
I love buying American magazines like Romantic Homes and Country Homes for great kitchen inspiration. The british also do great kitchens!!
I need solid cabinets, thick benches, cute appliances and a huge clock on the wall – a necessity when you are in a morning rush!

I hope to have a dream kitchen one day – any of these would be just perfect! these ones too!!!

We are going away tomorrow, we’re off to a beach town Nelson Bay which is a 3hour drive north of Sydney
5days of relaxation! Bliss!!!
See you next week!!


  1. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Oh those kitchen pictures are wonderful. As someone who spent the whole of yesterday painting her kitchen I know how much you love that particular room in the house.

    Cherry xx

  2. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Oh Anastasia, I am so excited about your Kitchen, it's so perfect for you!! Thank you for the inspirations you added here.

  3. You've selected some great kitchens there.

  4. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Love the kitchens! Have a safe and relaxing holiday! Enjoy

  5. The kitchens are all lovely. I not much of an organizer, but my kitchen is pretty organized.

  6. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Oh dear oh dear - seeing those pictures just reminds me how much we could do with a new kitchen of our own! Ours is pretty old and in a real state, the gas cooker is actually older than I am!

    But I agree that kitchens are the heart and soul of a place, I love to be in mine with the oven on and something cooking. Which is a good thing seeing as we cook everything from scratch - next thing is to get the ceiling repaired, before we're swimming in there!

  7. can't wait to see your kitchen! i am the dining room so hopefully the food you prepare in your kitchen will be happily eaten in my room :)
    enjoy your lovely holiday dear!!

  8. Anonymous7:32 AM

    i can't wait to see your kitchen! yay!

  9. Anonymous9:51 AM

    wow, every one is gorgeous! Hope you had a great weekend!

  10. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Have a lovely lovely time!!!! I am so with you on kitchens!! xxo

  11. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Hmmm yes- these kitchens look perfect for you - i can imagine you enjoying your time in any of these!!! Looking forward to seeing the kitchen you create!
    Have a great time away! xx

  12. Oh my I can only dream of a kitchen as big as the ones in your pictures!
    Btw Anastasia I came in to thank you for your beautiful bit's and pieces collage. It looks even better in reality! I've got it on Saturday, when we had the good bye party for my daughter who is going to Melbourne for at least 6 month in only 3 days from today *EEK* ! I have it hanging in my studio now. I hope you'll receive your's too soon and in good condition. I never trust the overseas mail lol
    Have a great week!
    Carol xox

  13. My kitchen consists of a table, one small cupboard on the wall, a dresser a sink with no drainer and a console that we use for a worksurface ! I really din't want a fitted kitcken, however the result is I've no where to store any kitchen stuff !!!!

  14. lovely inspirations! i agree with you in kitchen taste, not into the very sleek and modern myself either.
    have a wonderful time at the beach relaxing!

  15. great kitchen pics and wonderful inspirations!

  16. These are all beautiful. I love old fashioned kitchens too and especially some of the British ones that I see in magazines. I like the unstructured way that they mix and match things there.

  17. Hey chick-a-dee: It's been too quiet around here with you gone. Hope you are having a wonderful trip.

  18. oh... now i know whats wrong with me!
    I can never organize my kitchen:(

  19. Beautiful, beautiful kitchens you have chosen as inspiration!! I'm sure it will all turn out beautifully!

  20. Anonymous11:16 AM

    The kitchen pictures are awesome. I am just planning my first own kitchen for our new home - this is so exiting. Wish I had you as a counsellor at my side!

  21. those kitchens are so dreamy, what a fun project!!

  22. Great and excellent article. This the worth of your work. Keep up the good and thanks for posting.


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