July 12, 2007

Nice and Relaxing....

We had such a wonderful break - it rained a lot but we played cards, read and just enjoyed the time indoors. On the clear days we drove to little nearby towns and did lots of walking. The night sky was amazing....i have never seen stars so bright, just like twinkling diamonds on a thick and black velvet curtain - beautiful!

here are some pics
we visited the Hunter Valley, a region famous for its wineries and purple mountain range.
Some cabbage flowers - arent they stunning!!!??
The Hunter Valley Gardens had a Storybook garden and we happened to find ourselves in the middle of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party! what fun!

Books, Books - we love books!!

We ventured to the Historic town of Morpeth - lots of great eateries, handmade arts & craft stores, shabby chic boutiques, a wonderful antique bookstore where I scored a great 60's kids book - such sweet illustrations!
We ate delicious home made pies from the local bakery and we even bought two loaves of sourdough bread from the famous Morpeth
sourdough Arnotts bakery.

This is for Ellia who loves Betty Boop - she's a cutie!!
it feels good to be home, we're recharged and refreshed, ready to get back to our routine -
first, unpacking and a few loads of washing!
Ohhh forgot to mention, the magazine Australian Papercrafts wants to publish some of my ATCs and they will be paying me to have them in their magazine - Wow! Im thrilled!!


  1. What a fun holiday. I took my son to a Mad Hatter's Tea Party once. Very fun. Congratulations on your ATCs being published.

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Congrats on your ATC's , make sure you let us know when they are published! This holidaY looks like heaps of fun too!

  3. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Oh congrats on the magazine news. How exciting and well deserved. I loved the cabbage roses.

    Cherry xx

  4. Anonymous12:21 AM

    WOW is right!!! How wonderful!! A trip, great pie and bread, and publishing of your work looming??? BLISS is the word!!! xoxoxox

  5. Anonymous5:27 AM

    well done and congratulations on your ATCs!!!

    good for you.

  6. Congratulations on the future publication! That's wonderful. Love the photos of the cabbages and the storybook garden, too!!

  7. Anonymous11:36 PM

    What a wonderful place to visit, I love the cabbage flowers, can't believe vegetables can be so beautiful. Also a mad hatters party, how cool is that? Congrats on getting your ATCs published, they are always wonderful, you deserve it!

  8. Congratulations on the news about your ATC's!! That is fantastic! I still haven't gotten the full hang of doing them yet. You may just convert me yet! XOX

  9. How fabulous!!! All of it! The purple cabbage floers,the sourdoughbread,and especially getting you ATC's published!

  10. Its osunds wonderful - i cant believe youve been and returned already...time is disappearing!! xx

  11. oh you were also on a break ... so glad you had a great and relaxing time :)
    love the cabbage flowers too and the place you have been to sounds fabulous.

  12. your holiday sounds absolutely perfect! wonderful time at home and great adventures outdoors... the town explorations sound like so much fun. and **congratulations** on your ATC publication!! that is fabulous!


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