August 26, 2007

Dreamy day....

How Id love to just stay home today... im still in my pyjamas and slippers, hair up in a messy state, face unwashed. I have a warm cup of tea nearby. My boys are still sleeping....what a quiet moment.

Its going to be a lovely day, the sun is almost awake and I can hear the birds singing.... its so nice to stop for a moment just to listen....
I have so much to do but I think I'll have to take the boys out today as to keep them indoors on such a fine day would be such a waste!
Spring is around the corner and I cant wait!

I found these pictures on Sarah Kaye dreamy, i love the lighting, colours and beautiful detail!

Top two images by Daniel Farmer
Bottom image by Sandra Lane

Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Anonymous3:57 AM

    A day at home alone with tea...dream on...:))))

  2. What a lovely moment! Beautiful images too!

  3. Gorgeous. I want to live there.

  4. love the quiet moments all to myself.
    I hope your weekend was wonderful after such a lovely start.
    take care, xo Kali

  5. Anonymous2:24 AM

    Sounds like a lovely relaxing moment. I can imagine how wonderful it must be to have some quiet time to yourself when the kids are still asleep. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  6. Those pics are lovely! Isn't it funny you want it to get warm and I want it to get cold?

  7. Sounds so serene!

  8. Anonymous3:28 PM

    what beautiful pics! And I've just caught up on all the posts i've missed over the last week! Thanks for your beautiful comments and email about Eden too! love shae xo

  9. mmmm... to hold on to those quiet sunday mornings... i'm looking forward to one like that with e this weekend. xox


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