August 29, 2007

Cut & Snip

so its been a little quiet in our household. My big boy is away skiing and we miss him a lot but Ive my little ones keeping me company and I get loads of cuddles and attention. With work and everything in between , the days go by real fast!!

Ive spent my lonely nights crafting and cutting out vintage images whilst watching TV. Im hooked on Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’( the guy!!!)
Miami Ink and (eeek!!) a new addiction ‘the girls of the Playboy Mansion’….its quite entertaining actually and Hugh Hefner is a hoot…haha how sad of me!!
whats even sadder is when the girls were doing a book signing on one of the episodes and some mothers were there with the tweenies saying ‘Ohhh ohhh my daughter wants to be a playboy bunny too’…. Now that’s just weird….

I found these vintage school reader books the other day – such sweet illustrations! love stuff like this!

Here are the images I have been cutting
I have 4 large Burda and Simplicity books from the 60’s and they have about 1000pages each so Im stocked up – the illustrations are really happy and make me smile!!
If anyone wants some images, Im more than happy to swap some – just email me! Im after black and white vintage images....

Im busy making some papergoods for
Meet me at Mike’s second store which is opening in Melbourne next month.
Very exciting for me to have some of my stuff in a real shop!! Its on consignment and I think Pip is such a wonderful supporter of Handmade goodness!
Cant wait to visit her store one day – it looks like so much fun and they have embroidery nights– how cool!!!

I also got this bag in the mail yesterday – its from Paula’s OtchiPotchi range and is just beautiful!!! It will be my Summer weekend tote – love it!!

I got a bonus at work so I splurged on a new leather bag last month, I felt a little guilty as it wasn’t a cheap purchase and I am a huge bargain hunter but I think I deserve it…. Work is crazy most days!


  1. Anonymous4:49 PM

    I love AB too! My fave is Kitchen Confidential, which of course you've read. It makes me howl with laughter!

    Cherry xx

  2. Those books are fab. Love what you've been working on too!

  3. What darling books. I have a few like that from my Grandparents. Love those 60's images.

  4. Big congrats on your papergoods for sale in a real shop!!!
    Your work is wonderful!
    xo Kali

  5. LOVE the books. I collect old books, and children's books with great illustrations are my favorites.

  6. Just want to chime in and say that yes, you do deserve it! Not, I think you deserve it, you DO!

  7. Anonymous12:50 PM

    You find the most wonderful thrifted books, do you ever find it hard to cut them up? Congrats on getting your papergoods in a store and your beautiful purchase from OtchiPotchi.

  8. Anonymous1:36 PM

    "Come to my house, to myyy house, I want to give you some, caaaandy."

    I know, me pathetic too. They are soooo funny. I love Hugh. But then again, I live with a little Pappoule, so.. what can I say... xoxoxoox my very own Hugh.

  9. That is so great that your things will be in a store!! Yay you :):)
    That Otchi Potchi bag is darling, I really love the name. And don't worry, a girl always needs a purse. That's what I keep telling myself anyway... ;)

  10. The books look lovely:)

    Those earing are made in a portuguese tecnic called Filigrana!

    hugs Zelia

  11. Anonymous12:30 AM

    What a wonderful stash of cut-outs that you have now to play with. Congrats on selling your goods in the store. I went over to the blog and their store looks cute.

  12. ALL of that is just so darling!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  13. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Love all of your images - I can't wait to see what you come up with.

    Thanks for your very kind words about Indy, reading all of those comments has made it bearable, though very sad indeed. :)

  14. There is definitely something zen like about cutting out images!Believe me no TV judgment here,my taste is all in my mouth on that topic!

  15. You must be so excited to have your items sold in a real shop, how wonderful !!

  16. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Congratulations on having your work for sale in a shop! You do deserve it!

  17. beautiful books you have here and I love the dolls.
    it is fantastic that you are going to have your pretty creations in a real shop. congratulations!

    so happy that you like the bag. thanks! :)

    have a great week with lots of new creations.


  18. love your new finds! congratulations on having your sweet things in a real shop, how exciting!
    paula's bag is sooo beautiful.
    {you deserve the leather bag, my friend}

  19. congratulations on having your things in a shop anastasia!! that is so exciting.
    and i am a purse addict so i say of course you deserve it :) i have that same bag of paula's... i love it so much. just the right size and such a lovely design.
    and so funny and strange about the playboy show. can't imagine bringing my daughter (my future daughter :) ) to the mansion!!


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