August 12, 2007

a Happy Day !!

My niece (and god-daughter) Stephanie turns 10 today!
what a wonderful day!
10!!! double digits!! Wow...cant believe how fast the years have gone..

I made this card for her special day! Its actually an A4 size so a jumbo sized card...I might add some ribbon so she can hang it up in her room.

Whilst crafting the other night, we had 'Babel' on DVD...oh my! I cried and cried some more...what a depressing movie! cant stop thinking about it...

Anyway here is a pic of me with baby Stephanie on her christening day...almost 10years ago!!!
what a sweet baby she was! I was so excited to be an auntie for the first time! she was leaning back trying to see the church's ornate ceiling! I almost dropped her!!


  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Happy birthday to your niece, love the beautiful card you made and what a stunning photo of you and the adorable baby :)

  2. Gorgeous card and gorgeous photo!!! Lovely lovely lovely!

  3. Hello Anastasia, i found a comment left at the Mike's blog, so greetings from Darwin. Not ALL the action is going on in Melbourne, there is a tiny crafty movement up here too. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary of being an auntie. I have 19 nieces & nephews, all in NSW, i love them all dearly. We have 4 children, so it's a huge gathering when we all get together. Nieces & nephews are the best, as you can be the cool auntie & they tell you things they wouldn't tell their parents/ your siblings. I've been an auntie since i was 16, so half my life now. Gorgeous card, you are very clever & as the mother of an 8y.o. you nailed that age!! Love Posie

  4. Gorgeous card, I'm sure she loved it :) :) Thank you so much for the darling comments on my blog, it's been hard to post with all this going on, so it's extra wonderful to know I can always find my dear blogging friends to come back to now that I'm ready again. *hugs*

  5. Oh my.. that is an absolute beautiful card!!! WOWZAS!!!! Happy birthday to your niece.. what a blessing you are to her!!

  6. Anonymous1:27 AM

    Happy Birthday to Stephanie! I can't believe how fast time does fly - it seems just months ago that I met my then-boyfriend, moved in here with my then-fiancé, and am now a married woman (that sounds a bit funny, it's all the same man!). Lovely card, she'll love it!

  7. Happy birthday to Stephanie!

    Love the picture... you are both so beautiful!

    Karen Beth :)
    (This is my vintage store's blog)

  8. What a doll. Beautiful card too. You look soooo young.

  9. Happy Bday to Stephanie, and what a cool card!

    I'm still looking for my computer cord for my camera, so I haven't put our swap stuff up yet, but I did finish off the Cadbury's today. If we ever swap again, I so want those in my mailing again. I loved them! Thanks again!

  10. I love this card,and you look adorable holding her as a babe!

  11. Anonymous1:18 AM

    Gorgeous card! I know the feeling, I love my nieces and nephs too. I can spoil, spoil, spoil and then send em home! : )

  12. hello from one Greek to Another (it would seem!)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Cheers.

  13. That's a lovely card for your niece! 10 years sure fly by eh? Happy birthday to Stephanie from Canada!

  14. happy birthday to your niece! what a great photo of you two!!

  15. What a beautiful photo of you both. I love the card too.

  16. that is such a cute card and the idea of a ribbon to hang it up is great.
    you are soooo pretty. I love that photograph of yours.

  17. Wow, you are gorgeous!!!

  18. oh there you are!! i love seeing your face...nice to "kind of meet you" even though i know this is an old photo :)


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