August 11, 2007

Just Fabulous!

Domino mag used to have a great challenge in their monthly mag...'Turn this outfit into a room'
so when Decor8 and fabulous stationery joined forces and hosted a cool competition to
turn a stationery card into a room I thought it would be fun to enter....

The first entry I did was with their 'Pod' card design.
I loved the colour combination and although its modern I still went for a classic interior, i guess Im just drawn to this kind of look.

I just couldnt resist
doing a girly spread too ...what can I say...
I love pink!
The inspiration here was their Zsa Zsa card design.
Click here to see all the entries


  1. I love the above "headboard".

  2. Drooooooling over the eva version, tongue on floor...

  3. Hi Anastasia,
    Thank you for visiting my little blog and leaving a lovely comment. I came over to see what you're upto and love your sweet illustrations. Have you thought of going into the fabric field?

  4. Anonymous10:39 AM

    What a great idea for a competition and such a lovely collection of entries! I love what you did for your collage, it's fabulous!

  5. Wow, what a fun idea!! I really love how it is possible to go on this great creative tangent from just one card, or picture or whatever. The Zsa Zsa room is scrumptious, I think I would give just about anything for that mirror!

  6. ohhh anastasia... this is fabulous!! i am a big fan of domino's 'outfit into a room' feature and i adore stationery, so this is such an exciting project to me. love your 2 entries!

  7. That is beautiful! I love that kind of style for interiors. I wish my house completely looked like that!

  8. how fun to enter in this competition. your collages are very stylish and so very you. classy and girly :)


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