September 23, 2007

Art-Tea life
I finally finished my Art-Tea swap piece...a little late but its finally out and on its way!
I decided to make a Tea Party recipe book so I hope Tine likes it and can use it sometime....

here is one of the recipes that I included in my book which I had to try....

Hot Orchard Tea ( tastes really yummy!)
* Fresh pot of Twinings Russian Caravan Tea
*Equal quantity of apple juice
*1 apple, thinly sliced

To make a fresh pot of tea, always empty the kettle before filling it with freshly drawn cold water. Rinse your teapot with hot water to ensure the water stays at boiling point when it touches the pot.
Use 1 teaspoon of Russian Caravan Tea per person, plus 'one for the pot' (when using tea bags, the same rule applies).
Pour the water over the tea as soon as it boils. Brew for 3-5 minutes, then stir.

Pour the freshly brewed tea (strain if using loose-leaf tea, or remove tea bags) into a large saucepan and add the apple juice. Heat gently, but do not allow to boil. When hot, serve with apple slices floating on top.
You can add honey or sugar if you like it sweeter
This is a perfect, refreshing drink on a cold winter's day.
  1. Recipe from Delicious magazine
I also included recipes for 'Easiest Lemon Cake', Chai Spiced Tea, Apple Tea Cake and more....


  1. I love, love it. You did a wonderful job as usual.

  2. Anonymous4:18 AM

    Your swap partner is so lucky, this is so beautiful and recipes sounds delicious! Great job!

  3. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Oh, how sweet my darling girl.. All those wonderful treat recipes... xoxoxo

  4. what an adorable recipe book!! your swap partner will surely make good use of it.

  5. What a wonderful idea!!! I want one! :-)

  6. Anonymous11:43 PM

    It does sound delicious! Anything with apples in is so Autumnal and perfect for this time of year (for us in the northern-hemisphere anyway!). We buy Clipper Chai teabags, I definitely recommend those, heavenly!

  7. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Sounds wonderful and that book looks so devine.

  8. Thanks for the recipe....sounds delicious!

  9. Art-Tea-Life ! Heyyy, that's ME ! laughing.

    This swap looks goooood !

  10. the apple tea sounds so delicious!! as do all the other treats... beautiful job!


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