September 11, 2007

Green days and 7 things....

A bit of a ho-hum week so far…I’ve been really busy with work and I cant wait for my day off!

Spring is definitely here as I’ve got hay fever in a bad way …Ughhh!!! im stocked up on the allergy relief tablets

My crafty pal Jennifer has tagged me to list 7 things about me…ive done this before but here are 7 more things....

* I have double joints in my hands so my fingers can be pushed back in a weird thumbs are like rubber…I can almost bend them back in half!!

* I have curly curly hair so I only ever comb my hair when I wash it….which is every 3 days or so…. If I left it as is, my locks could easily turn into dreadlocks!

* I love undergarments …granny knickers to hold it all in, supporting tights, especially under winter dresses – so streamline!

I even enjoy sleeping with my bra on…(now that’s weird huh?)

* in my past life I must have been a mouse because I love cheese…pecorino, haloumi, fresh ricotta, edam, cheddar….anything really!

my in laws had a dairy farm in Cyprus (which they sadly lost after the 1974 turkish invasion) and my mother in law was a cheese maker …fresh warm Haloumi – Yum!!!

* I cut my finger nails every week or so – I prefer them short

* I have a serious magazine addiction…I need that visual stimulation but after reading so many blogs I don’t think Im the only one…

* I love old images …some people think the past shouldn’t matter but Im intrigued by the clothes , old advertising and the way people lived…if I see an old photo I have to stop and have a look!

Here are my boys enjoying their new gardening tools! lots of fun!


  1. Your boys are so CUTE!!! They are growing so much!

  2. Great site. I love moms who craft and love old things. Keep up the writing and good stuff!

  3. Anonymous1:26 AM

    Love theboys!!! You have been through winter and spring.. and it is still hot summer here... Sostrange... Heeee! Missed you!! xxooo

  4. Anonymous3:03 AM

    How sweet that your boys are helping in the garden, looks like lots of fun! Sorry about your hay-fever, it's an irritating allergy to have...I love cheese too, and agree with the magazine addiction :)

  5. Hi A,

    Just wanted to let you know that I ordered the 2008 Diary that you contributed to. I'm so excited!

  6. The past matters in the sense that it is what we learn from, very much.
    I love old everything, and history.
    Your list of 7 things is very interesting to read. The little things say a lot.
    I hope your hay fever eases up soon. I know how miserable that can feel.
    Take care.

  7. Anonymous11:33 PM

    I love reading everyones 7 things, it's getting to know someone really well without actually meeting them! I love haloumi, with roasted vegetables - divine!

  8. Adorable pics of the boys! We share lots of the same on your list,Yup ,my hair could easily turn into dreadlocks! I love cheese! ...and,ditto on the mag addiction!

  9. love this list of things about you... we share some things for sure... magazines, cheese :) e is double-jointed too and i'm jealous... he can do all sorts of yoga positions w/ no effort while i am struggling! :) xox

  10. I love cheese too!
    Your little ones are so cute doing the gardening.

  11. love your list, anastasia! i see that we have many things in common {starting with the hair}.


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