October 14, 2007

Birthday Celebrations....

Today was my sweet Mumma's birthday so we organised to go out for a nice Mexican meal last night....

I really wanted to organise a birthday lunch at my house but Andrew said, 'lets just go out for dinner...its so much easier' so I booked a local restaurant instead.

The other day my mum rang to tell me she was going to invite everyone around for a birthday lunch as well so I felt awful that she was going to spend her special day cooking for us all but we had a great casual and laid back lunch...the woman can cook! she'd beat Martha in any
cook-off, thats for sure....

Such a warm day too,
i love just chilling in the sun!
Look at my parents vegie patch...its wild! we've been eating lots of healthy greens!

* top pic from flickr.com


  1. cruststation12:42 AM

    Happy birthday to you mum! Sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating with her. It's lovely to be able to pick fresh veg from the garden :)

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  3. Mums are so special and it's so good that you got to spend it together.
    I'm sure she was happy having her loved ones with her.
    Their vegie garden sure is good!
    When do your parents come to Tassie?

  4. Happy Birthday to your Mum. It sounds like you had a fantastic time on your Mum's birthday - we can never underestimate just how much they do for us!

    I miss not living near mine so much, but at least I get to see mine every now and then :)

  5. happy birthday to your mama!! her veggie garden is amazing!
    (cute shoes too :) )

  6. What a wonderful evening out with your mom. Happy Birthday to her.

    And those shoes are cute. Can't go wrong with polka dots.

  7. Glad your mum had a good day!!

  8. Oh sweet mummies love to cook for their brood! Happy b-day to yours!
    My folks have a great garden that they share too!

  9. What a sweet litttle birthday picture, and I love the polka dot feet!


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