October 19, 2007

The week that was.....

Wow, this week has just flown by for me...I have a small list of all the things I need to do but I might as well just throw it away as I don't feel Ive completed any of my 'To do's...'
I love writing lists,
its gives me focus but sometimes it also puts pressure on what needs to be done and takes the fun out of it....
Australian Papercraft magazine got in touch this week and they want me to make 3 Black & white ATCs for the mag - Im thrilled!! I have two weeks to complete so thats a relief!

and for the third week in a row I didnt submit anything to Illustration friday...I love doing my IF challenges but this week's topic 'Extreme', had me stumped...I started a few sketches but nothing came of it...
I might try again after lunch when Neo has his afternoon nap.

Im off to my optometrist this morning to get my eyes tested and I think I might get some new glass frames.
I wear contacts everyday but with hay fever (which for some reason feels so much worse this year!) my eyes get so itchy and tired....so Im looking forward to that!
Another challenge for me at the moment is getting Neo toilet trained - he'll be 3yrs old in 2mnths time but is still not interested...he actually sobs hysterically for his nappy ...which makes it hard - any tips?
I know each child is different but the pre-school we have enrolled him in next year will only take toilet trained toddlers....so I still have three months I guess..!

These images are magazine clippings that I sent to Anna - it was for
Jen's Tear Sheet swap....send 5 magazine clippings that you find inspiring - what a cool idea huh? Jen is also hosting a Christmas Tear Sheet swap in November if anyone is interested.
I have so many old mags still intact because I cant bear to tear them apart but lately with all the clutter in our spare room, I think some drastic changes need to be made to my hoarding problem! ha!

* Top pic from
a back issue of Inside Out magazine - the rest from Real Living magazine


  1. List making helps me to organize my thoughts too.
    Congratulations on the magazine submissions. That's exciting news. I know they'll be pleased with your work.

  2. mariannealice6:03 PM

    congratulations! always so exciting to see your work in print!

  3. i stumbled by your blog and am absolutely adoring it!! i love the way you write and i love your creations!! they're wonderful.

  4. Hi Anastasia,
    Congrats on the ATCs being in the mag!!!
    Oh poor you with the toilet training! I had trouble with Mr Leroy with number twos, ones was fine at 3, but twos was a big issue. I tried everything they tell you, rewards, happy faces, potty in front of the TV, book or toys in the toilet, copying, etc, nothing worked until the day I was mean (!!!) and got him on a potty and wouldn't let him up until he did something, which he was due to do. Took about an hour but we got there in the end and within a week he totally got the hang of it.... different things for different kids I guess and I know i sounded mean but all the nice stuff didn't work for me!!! Good luck however you do it! I also heard that boys take longer, and can be up to 3 and a half before they get it right. (that came from a grandmother who had 5 boys and 2 girls, and has lots of grandsons. it was kind of reassuring to know mine wasn't the only one to not get the hang of it by 2!)

  5. Congratulations! That's so exciting for you. Now about the potty training - my pediatrician told me the magic age for boys when they are truly ready is 3 years, 3 months. You're getting close!

  6. cruststation12:10 AM

    Congratulations on your ATCs for the Australian Papercraft mag, how exciting! (you're getting famous for them, and so well deserved too!) Beautiful images here, if you have any to throw out, send them this way :) Have fun getting glasses, it is trendy to have them these days.

  7. What about extreme hair or extreme desserts?? Extreme ball gowns, extreme mustaches???? xoxoox (yippe for the mag, yippee)

  8. Congratulations about the magazine ATC how exciting;
    I love the tear sheets that you shown here, amazing photography, who is the photographer?

  9. Well done on your brilliant new about your ATC's ! Fame at last , hey !

    I love lists too.

    Oh about potty training, don't stress it will all happen in time, when he's ready ~ love Julia x

  10. Big congrats on your ATCs being requested by the Mag!!!
    We all love your work, so aren't suprised at all.
    xo Kali

  11. Congratulations on the magazine gig. Very impressive!

    I'll be thinking good thoughts on the toilet training. My girl is starting to show interest now, which is much earlier than my son...I guess when they're ready, they're ready.

  12. wow... congratulations on the magazine submission anastasia!! so many wonderful + exciting thing happening in your life right now!
    no advice on the potty training unfortunately... just wishing you luck :)

  13. Bribery. I used jelly beans for my older son, and my sister in law used mini chocolate bars - taped to the wall in plain sight. That way they see them all the time and want them and remember to "go try." Crude but effective!!

  14. Congrats on the mag, brilliant news.

  15. New glasses... always exciting to pick out new frames (though it is a costly love).
    take care, g xo

  16. i Anastasia!
    I was lucky enough to receive one of your lovely paper dresses in the Speckled Egg swap!
    The colors are gorgeous, brown and green - I love the way you trimmed the bottom of the dress!
    Thank you,

  17. I was actually pretty lucky with both of my girls on toilet training. Honestly,I believe they will completely train when they are ready and not a moment before. You've probably tried this but,howc about a small jar of M& M's and give him one or two after each success?

  18. the butterfly collector5:45 PM

    I love to make a list and see it completed! Unfortunately my lists aren't getting completed at all lately between these two little boys!
    That toliet training is a bit of a nightmare here too! Drew is not interested much either! I think we are going to try some "pullups" in the next couple of months and see what happens!!!

  19. Ohh ive missed a lot over here recently! Congrats on your Magazine entry!!

    Love these inspiration images and...

    toilet training... Ella is 26 months old and still in nappies :(
    Can you just let Neo run around without anything on and ask him every 15 mins if he needs to use the toilet? good luck xx

  20. first, congratulations on the magazine request! how exciting!
    i somewhat started the toilet training with fiona but notice that she is more interested in playing than sitting in the toilet, so she doesn't 'announce' it now. no tips here, i am learning as a go, sorry!
    love the magazine pages!


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