October 5, 2007

A relaxing Friday....

ive had such a nice day so far, the boys and I had a good play and Neo is now having his afternoon nap, Peter is busy cutting paper and making 'stuff' and im just enjoying my day off!

My papergoods for Pip's new 'Meet Me at Mike's' shop, are almost finished...i have to add some more ribbon and embellishments and off they go! here are some of the happy sunny journals...

Yesterday I drove into town to meet some girlfriends for lunch and I deliberetly parked far away so I could walk through Hyde Park....well ok, parking in the city centre can be hard to find but when do you get the chance to walk through a beautiful park that takes up 3 city blocks....it was so nice - people lying in the sun, having picnics, reading, some walking barefoot, Ibis birds everywhere ...the smell of bark and soil...it was wonderful!

I popped into Borders for some magazine supplies (ohhhh weee found Marie Claire idees!!) and bought my boys a treat, a Charlie & Lola DVD

and a little treat for me too....Eloise - The Ultimate Edition! Hilary Knight's illustrations are so fun!!!


  1. I've always loved Eloise too - what a great day, and you describe it so well. Your blog always makes me smile.

  2. Hi Anastasia,
    I homeschool my two sons and my 10 year old son, Jonah, is currently studying seaports of the world and SYDNEY! I thought it'd be fun if we could talk to you or "interview" you or your son via email about living there! We are planning to cook an Australian style meal this weekend - does Shepherd's pie and Lamingtons sound accurate? Jonah is very tickled at the thought of you having spring in October. You can write me on my email which is on my website if you're up to it!

  3. Anonymous4:56 AM

    I adore Eloise. I also adore days off!! The best! And a walk through hyde park, sounds fantastic!!! You have borders there?? Fab!!

  4. Sounds like a great day-surprisingly my boys love going to Borders or Waldenbooks and getting little treats, too. It's like you automatically get inspired by all the ideas within the books as you walk into the store, no matter what age you are :)


  5. sounds perfect!! so glad you enjoyed your day off. i have a school holiday tomorrow but have to work unfortunately since i played all weekend :)

  6. I love Charlie and Lola. I watch it more than the kids do!

    I got my calendar in the mail that you submitted to. It is gorgeous. Some of the best $ I've spent in a while.

  7. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Your happy sunny journal is beautiful.
    Meeting girlfriends and a walk in the park sounds wonderful, and seems that the weather over there is nice for Spring? Enjoy! (ps. great books)

  8. I'm excited about your Marie Claire's Idees. Is it written in English???

  9. Your journals look so sweet Anastasia.
    I'm loving this time of the year and the Borders in South Yarra I visited once was like heaven!
    Pity we don't have one down here in little ol' Tassie.

  10. Ibis birds? How cool!!
    I think I love Charlie and Lola more than my little petal!

  11. Spring is lovely where you are!
    All of your paper goodies are quite lovely too. Best wishes to you. I think you will do quite well.
    Oh how I enjoy Eloise! She is a girl after my own heart!
    Take care, Anastasia.


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