November 19, 2007

Hot Air.....

Boy, has it been hot lately!!
Summer is definitely on its way....yeahhh!
I took the boys to the local pool yesterday for a play and they had such a great time,
which is fantastic as last year they were both very scared of the water (very un-Australian haha)
Peter is doing regular swimming lessons now and has a great teacher which has helped his confidence.

i also got a chance to go to the Signature Prints sale and was tempted by all the Florence Broadhurst prints beautiful!
I bought a pillow, and a wall paper remnant both with 'The Cranes' print - one of my favorites...I don't know what I'm going to do with the wallpaper...maybe frame some if it, craft with the rest, or just unroll and stare it at - stunning!!
I also got the book on Florence and funny enough the documentary 'Unfolding Florence' was on TV last night - very spooky coincidence - it was great! very honest, funny and inspiring!....

On Saturday I moved my vintage hot air balloon prints (all Ebay finds many years ago) to a smaller wall section in the formal living room
but we'll be moving them again as we plan to paint the whole house soon....cant wait! Im so sick of my interior wall colour! isnt it funny how something looked so right then but looks so wrong now....painting is a cheap way to redecorate -choosing a colour that suits is more of a challenge.

Some more vintage style Hot Air Balloons for inspiration!

* Card by EarMark
* Painting by One Peach a DAy
* Vintage images from Flickr - JerseyBarb85
* Soldered vintage style pendant by Jeweliansun


  1. oohh - all of those wall hangings are so cute! I love Florence Broadhurst as well. Did you watch the documentry on her life on SBS on sunday night?

  2. Love those hot air balloons. Really swanky.

  3. Anonymous8:45 AM

    It's getting colder here in England, you'd have to wrap up really warm to take a trip on a balloon, think I'll just look at these delightful prints.

  4. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I love that crane stuff... yes, I'd frame the wallpaper!

  5. Anonymous10:08 AM

    i can't believe it's hot there when it's supposed to snow here tomorrow!!!!!!!
    not hot air balloon rides for me!

  6. Anonymous10:35 PM

    I really love your framed hot-air balloon prints, makes me want to collect them (great taste!)

  7. the hot air balloon prints are beautiful. and i totally agree about repainting! e and i did it twice since we moved here, and each time the difference was amazing... for the cost of 2 cans of paint we felt like we had a completely new space! have fun with the painting... what colors are you going to do?


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