November 20, 2007

Vintage Prom Blogging Party.....

Dance till the stars come down from the rafters...Dance, Dance, Dance till you drop.~W.H. Auden

Natasha Burns is hosting a Vintage Prom!

We call them 'formals' here in Australia and what a fun night it is....
Sweet memories ....beautiful fancy dresses, updo hairstyles, gossip in the ladies toilet, silk and lace, handsome boys, sparkles and pearls , pointy heels, camera's clicking, friends forever, sore toes from dancing, lipstick touch ups, feeling oh so grown up....

I love this champagne coloured dress, such pretty sleeves, my Clarins powder tucked neatly in my clutch, a spray of J'adore in all the places I long to be kissed, what jewels to wear?

Prom girl is wearing a ribboned silk number, how pretty does she look?
or maybe a pastel halter dress and a fancy updo....flirty eyes and pretty lips!

For more Prom night fun go visit all the girls and have fun.....!

* Top image from 'Allure' magazine, perfume, powder and jewelrey are mine hehee....
* Illustration 'Prom Girl' drawn by me
* bottom two images from Real Living magazine


  1. Anastasia I adore your drawing!!! Wow!!!! She's gorgeous! Love the pics and your jewels. Thanks for joining in the fun, hope you get time to visit all the fun posts out there!

  2. Hi there Anastasia,
    I think we met at the prom. Thanks for saying hello :) I love all your pretty chic outfits especially that polka dotty dress. And boy you have some drawing talent. Beautiful. I shall be back to visit :) Do come by my blog anytime.

    Ta, Adla

  3. Love your prom post, you are such a talented girl! Thanks for your visit too - and for sharing these great pics!

  4. PS: I'm originally a Sydney girl also!

  5. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Hi Anastasia,
    Lovely to meet you!
    Hope you are enjoying the prom!!
    Love your post. Your drawing is amazing and so is that polka dot dress!
    Kathy :)

  6. are you going to wear the litlle peas dress .I love it..Very glamour

  7. Fantastic drawing. Great post


  8. I love your drawing...what an enchanting dress you are wearing and I love your hair. A very artistically, creative way to attend this event! Hope you are having a wonderful time..I'm getting blisters on my feet from my new shoes!!

  9. I wear j'adore perfume (well when I remember !) Although I might try a new perfume for Christmas, any suggestions? I sprayed some of the Kylie perfume on whilst in the queue at Boot, so sickly and sweet ! ~ love Julia x

  10. I love the drawing!!! You are so talented.

  11. Hi!
    Nice to meet you at your virtual prom. According to your lovely drawing, It could be mine too; the hair, the flirty eyes and your lady in the drawing is looking so happy because she still has her waistline and certainly has those small elegant feet that she even wears high heels as if those were slippers!
    Now lets dance! Love LiLi M.

  12. If proms or formals were anything like your post I would have had a great time. I did not have fun at my prom and my date was a complete drip. That polka dot dress is amazing!!

  13. Your "prom girl" drawing is lovely!!
    I really like that polka dot dress, too!

  14. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Hi Anastasia! So nice to meet you too ! Love your drawing, she is beautiful and polka dots are yummy! Jenn and Jacqui

  15. Cute! I love your images. And your prom girl drawing is just soo sweet! So is your blog by the way =)

  16. I love the colour of gown too and all the bling, great drawing.

    Thanks for sharing, cheers.... (as I swig another glass of punch)

    best wishes Ginny

  17. What a sweet illustration! And what wonderful photos!

    See you at the prom!

  18. I love your prom girl image! I think folks are probably sick of looking at me in Prom dresses ,so I will sit this one out!

  19. Hi Anastasia,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Nice to meet you at the Prom.
    I love that polka dot dress too - you look so pretty.

  20. Hi Anastasia, so very nice to meet you!! I will have to come visit again. What a beautiful drawing!! Amazing talent and can I say I LOVE polka dots!! TY for the sweet comment! Do visit again soon. Now back to the dance floor....

  21. Your dresses and pictures are the cutest. Isn't the virtual vintage prom has been great fun seeing what everyone has doing with the theme.

  22. Fab drawing, hope my date keeps away from those girls:)

  23. I love your drawing! Very fresh and fun. I love the polka dot dress.

  24. Anonymous1:28 PM

    OOOlalalallaalaaaa, love your polka dots!!! ;)

  25. Hi Anastasia! What pretty outfits and I love your drawing too!

  26. love your drawing! and those are such cute pics.

  27. Just poppin' in to say hi at your prom. What a wonderful drawing you created for the occasion! I am dancing from one prom to the other drooling over everyone's dresses, etc. I think the pretty ribbon silk number is gorgeous!

  28. Anonymous7:52 AM

    In my opinion I have to say the first champagne colored dress is the BEST! I love that part you wrote about the "sweet memories" well put (esp. the sore toes! lol) Your illustration is sooo gorgeous! Wow what talent you have :) So glad you popped by my prom and I came over to yours :)

  29. "Prom Girl" was easily one of the prettiest ones at the dance. Did she have as much fun as we did?

  30. What a darling illustration! You're very talented!

  31. Youe drawing is just fabulous!
    I'm afraid you look too pretty to be dancing with Mr. Grant...he might cast ME aside!! Awhhh...nope, I will share (besides I have Harrison Ford waiting in the wings for me!)heh heh heh

  32. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Hi Anastasia!

    So nice to meet you! I LOVE your drawing!!! You are so talented!!!

    *Hugs* Dara

  33. this looks great :) thank you for the birthday wishes :)

  34. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Oh Anastasia, you're so glam! Great photo with the makeup and cool costume jewellery. Love the drawing, you're a princess!

  35. A prom party, what fun! Thank you so much for stopping by. You may not have the events there where you live but coming up with ideas like these helps to meet girls from all over the world. Happy blogging!


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