December 14, 2007

Been a busy girl.....

i finished my handmade cards for Nikki-Shell's christmas card swap. The deadline was 10 days ago and I feel so bad these are so late!
We had to use recycled or materials we already had at home and so I just got into my paper scraps paper lovers never throw anything out!
The colours arent very
Christmas-sy (is that a word?) but I found some Christmas clip art that I had and added some swirly paperclips for detail.

I have my dad's 60th birthday party tomorrow so I've been roasting almonds all afternoon to make these
Tomorrow I have to wake up very early as its going to be a full day - I also have to start on the quiches and make some dips. Ive been playing around with table decorations - Im loving pale blue, white and silver.....hydrangeas are currently in full bloom and I found these cute tea light holders for $2 each so bought a few of those. My mum has been crocheting lacey table runners for years now so I think we might use those for table centers....I just hope the rain holds off, we've had such weird summer weather!


  1. Hope the Sydney weather holds out for you! We're due for rain tomorrow but it was a hot one today down here.
    Love the look of those chocolate almonds, ah see what happens when you are good at making food? I pretend I'm bad at it!
    Have fun at your dad's 60th!!!
    And your cards are beautiful too by the way!

  2. Cute cards! And I TOTALLY know what you mean about never throwing paper out! I have sooooooo many envelopes of scraps that it may take over our whole home soon. :)

  3. I'm in your postcard swap group, and I just mailed mine out today - from South Carolina, USA. It was more difficult than I anticipated to come up with an idea. I'm strolling through our group's sites and checking out what is going on.


  4. Oh my goodness, I LOVE them, they are so gorgeous!!!

  5. What a great collection of Christmas cards!

  6. Your cards are soooo pretty! Love them.

  7. holy cow! your mom crocheted that!? I just started crocheting, so I'm pretty far off from doing anything that intricate for awhile. have fun at the b-day party!

    :) D

  8. Your cards look great-better late than never- I think Christmas just crept up on us this year then landed with a thud. I sent my batch off a couple of days after due date. Hope you got my card ok :)

  9. Ohh wow! Lovely christmas cards you have there. I like the sound of your decoration as well!

    I hope your dad had a great 60th party!

  10. I love those candle holders. They will make a lovely centerpiece with your mother's handwork.
    Your cards all turned out very pretty too.
    Best wishes to you and to your father. I hope you will all enjoy a very happy celebration.

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  12. Anonymous5:39 PM

    The cards are adorable! It's so amazing what we can come up with when we are forced t usse what we have! They look great!

  13. PM

    Good for you for making homemade cards! They look awesome, the people receiving them sure are lucky. That votive candle holder is cute as well. :)


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