December 18, 2007

The festive House
I thought id show you some of my Christmas
decorations...most are in my formal living room, the room I blogged about months ago, the neglected room that no one visits...
but its ideal for the christmas tree as there is no where else to set it up really and I like it in front of the lead light glass door as it reflects nicely from the street once
the lights are on and its dark outside. The room also has a (non working) fireplace so we can hang our stockings and wait for Santa to arrive.
The glass door normally leads to a cute little porch that you can see here but until the 6th January its out of bounds haha...the only way in is through the chimney.
I sent
Anna some pics of our festive decorations for her competition and included a house in our neighbourhood that is a huge favourite with kids - i think it has every single flashy light that is stocked this year - you can see it here.
We also add lights but teeny tiny ones - even though its summer here I love a festive glow....7 days to Christmas!!


  1. Happy holidays Anastasia!!!!
    I really feel out of the loop here in holiday bloggy world,but I have been SOOOOO busy!!!
    Your home looks lovely!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your house is stunning!!!!! I love it, can I move in, hee heee xxoxox

  3. Awww how lovely is that! Your house really is pretty and nicely decked out!

  4. You can decorate for me anytime!

  5. Hi Ace,
    The pics look lovely! I love how simple and understated you appear, you make me feel relaxed. You remind me of someone who stops to pick a flower and notice how beautiful it is.
    I hope that reads the way I mean it.
    Much love to you and your boyz!

  6. butterfly collector12:37 PM

    wow, your house is gorgeous! Your boys will always rwemember beautiful christmas's there!

  7. Love your house, the rooms look like pages pulled out of magazines! Beautiful tree too.

  8. How wonderful to have a formal lounge. We have 2 lounges, the big one, always a mess and general family oriented room. The there's the little room which is tidyish, bur full of sewing stuff !

    I've noticed less houses in Wales this year, have decorated the outside of their houses with loads of lights, don't know why ?

  9. QUITE LOVELY !! Merry Christmas !!

  10. Happy Christmas- I love your house too! It never occurred to me before that there were palm trees in Australia, although it makes perfect sense.

    I still find it funny that Christmas happens in warm places too (even though I'm in one myself now). That super deluxe Christmas house is certainly a site to see. Imagine how long it takes to take it all down!

  11. Anastasia I love your tree, you've got such a great decorating style!
    Oh and that NOEL is divine!!!

  12. That stunning tree in front of the stained glass window must create a magical glow...enjoy the festivities

  13. It all looks so brilliantly festive over there!

  14. Oh how GORGEOUS!!!!
    Your Decorating looks so Beautiful Anastasia..

    May you and your family have a Blessed Christmas xxx

  15. AM

    Your decorations are beautiful - is it very warm where you are? I spent a Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere and it was very bizarre being able to sip orange juice in 30ºC weather whilst waiting for Santa!

    If I don't see you before the big day, Merry Christmas! I hope you (and your family) have a wonderful day :)

  16. the holiday decorations look so good... and i love that door!! it's beautiful! i can't wait to put my tree up tomorrow... e has been waiting for me to arrive to decorate :) xo

  17. Wow! Your house is that glass door and that adorable little porch. Really beautiful.

  18. Oh wow your home is truly lovely! I can tell you have an old classic home, bungalow style? with high ceilings and great bones. Your glass door even looks deco to me. You're so lucky, they just don't make houses like that anymore.

    Anna :)

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