December 2, 2007

Simpy Red...

Just got home from grocery shopping...I think I'll avoid the shops until after New years haha!!
I came home with a huge headache but then just realised all I needed was a strong cup of coffee....phew! Im relaxing now, the boys are having a nap and Andrew is out on the roof putting christmas fairy lights up...
Yesterday was the 1st day of Summer but it was rainy, windy and wet so not a good start - today is the total opposite and I hope it stays this way....Summer is finally here! Yayyyy!

my dad went to the grower's market very early Saturday morning, I keep saying Im going to set my alarm clock and go with him one day but he's usually home by maybe not....
anyway he came back with a box of summer fruits and way too many red capsicums (bell pepper for my american friends...not sure if the Brits call them capsicums too?)
so yummy!
...ive been going through my 'Stephanie Alexander - The cook's companion' for more capsicum this cook book, I use it all the time! its got over 1000 pages (heavy heavy book!!) and the recipes are listed by ingridiant so its more of a reference book.
highly recommended for any foodie!

Andrew suggested we go cherry picking this weekend and whilst it did sound like a fun thing to do, just the thought of driving out of town for a good 4 hours in wet weather, packing and then unpacking did seem too much a task so we gave it a parents are going next weekend so Im sure they'll pick some for us too...
instead, we did a lot of house cleaning and decorating for Christmas!

I spent most of yesterday afternoon going through December magazine issues ...I love flicking through for festive food and inspiration...
I also finished my Christmas stocking for a swap - i think im the only one who made one of paper not fabric... my paper sewing is so wonky haha...

ohhh look what came in the mail the other day...Victoria magazine is back!!! we've missed you!! my good friend Tammy who lives in LA sent it over to me along with USA Vogue Living!

Actually Tammy was the one who first got me onto Victoria magazine - I was hooked! I have kept all my back issues!...I met Tammy through an Ebay auction 7 years ago and whilst we've never met (maybe next year -fingers crossed) we're really great friends...thanks Tams!


  1. For us British, or possibly just the uneducated like me, I'd say we simply call them red peppers !

  2. i love your stocking! and love that you made it of paper.
    please show what you make with those peppers. home by 6am? i don't think i could do that.
    your house must be looking so beautiful and christmassy {sp?} by now!
    happy summer, anastasia!

  3. It is just so totally bozarre that you have Christmas in summer, hee heeee.. Oh, I hope they bring back cherries for you!! Andrew, on the roof?? Is that safe? hee heeee xoxox

  4. The shops are crazy! I was so happy I bought most of my stuff on Etsy...I had to go to the shops twice though and it was packed, I think I'm finished though! :)

  5. I really like your stocking, Anastasia. It has a very appealing vintage look about it.
    I haven't hardly started on my Christmas preparations yet, but I'm starting to look forward to all the magic making. It's a lovely time of year, no matter where we are. We had snow, and you have cherries! Both, very delightful things!
    I hope you have a pleasant week.
    Take care.

  6. can meet friends on Ebay? Yes we call them red peppers. What's it like having Christmas during the summer? I so wish we have end of year celebrations in the summer too, when the weather is warm and we can have outdoor parties (maybe BBQs)?

  7. cute stocking! I love victoria magazine!!

  8. Cute stocking! And shopping now is a nightmare right now hey =) (esp. working in a toy department!)

    How much fun is christmas decorating?! I'm sure your house looks great. And I'm glad summer is here now.

    And that magazine sounds fab. I love those types of mags.

  9. hi anastasia!
    my grandmother in india calls them capsicums... she is the only one i have heard use that word! so interesting! xox


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