November 29, 2007

First Published Piece....

The first project I completed for
Australian Papercraft 'magazine a couple of months ago is now featured in their current issue!
they sent me this gorgeous Swirl background (reversed) rubber stamp by Stamp-It,
and asked me to create something.... this is the card I made.
I used a dark blue ink on a lighter blue patterned scrap paper to create a dramatic looking sea little boat is rocking ...even the vintage girl looks petrified haha....I then layered the stamped paper onto 3 layers of cardstock, and added some chipboard swirls ....
Ive also done some ATCs for the magazine and so I'll post them when the issue comes out!


  1. Congratulations! I love your clever creation.

  2. Aww congrats on being in the magazine! Thanks for coming by the blog and entering. I will be drawing it on friday 30th november =)

  3. Wow! Congratulations!! I can feel your excitement and I think you deserve to be proud of your accomplishment. I love the way the card turned out!

  4. mariannealice6:04 PM

    I'll have to have a look for it when I'm down at the newsagent's tomorrow! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations, I love it. How wonderful to see your work in print. I know you must be thrilled.

  6. Hey Anastasia

    On my blog I picked your name as a runner up (spur of the moment decision) So I thought would it be possible to get your email to let you know details?

    Thanks xox


  7. HEy Anastatic - I've been meaning to pop over!!! Thanks for the visit! Congrats on your magazine piece!! looking forward to seeing it when published !!!

  8. congratulations anastasia!! the card looks wonderful. xox

  9. MISS A!!! That is more than exciting!!!! Yippepepeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I love it! xxxooo

  10. cool! congratulations!
    risa from

  11. FAME ! Congratulations .... Love Julia x

  12. congratulations, anastasia! love the card!

  13. Congrats Anastasia, your work is wonderful.

  14. ellia4:31 PM

    ohhh that is wonderful!!! congrats congrats!!!!! and i cant believe its summer by you :) we get our first major snow storm and its getting all sunny by you :) do you want a couple of visitors for the holidays?! hehe

    hugs to you and your growing success!!! i am truly so happy for you and its so amazing how your artwork has even advanced!!! wow!!!



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