January 31, 2008

An End and a New beginning!

Well January has come to an end - how fast was that!?
I'll have to take my January 08 page down from my inspiration board - this page designed by Craftlog.org
was the last page in the 'Design a Calendar' project I was involved in last year....onto Febraury the month of LOVE!

New Beginnings for my Peter - today he started school!!
he was a little quiet and shy of his new teacher but Im sure he's having a good time whilst Im at home entertaining his little brother....
Neo keeps asking where Peter is, awww he must miss him!

I was suprised to see Justine Clarke, the actress/children show host also there with her little girl ...wow we have a celebrity in the area! My boys adore her songs and love dancing along with her on TV but didnt recognise her in the flesh....Andrew and I were star struck though... haha!


  1. Oh how cute is the pic! Wow Justine Clarke, LOL now I have "I like to sing" in my head, I'm sure you know what song I am talking about!

  2. First day at school ! It seems such a long time since my children had their first day at school. No one famous at my childrens school. At least at your sons school they will now have some one famous at hand to open the annual school fete !

  3. Awwww... first day at school, that must be such a big milestone for both of you. (It's still 7 months away for us!)


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