January 29, 2008

It started with a long walk......
Saturday morning I decided to meet my friend for a long walk in our neighbourhood...its been a while- Im so unfit... (so bad!) 40mins later up the hills I was dying...how bad is that? for my age - Very!! We got back to the local cafe and I couldnt wait to sit and have a cappucino...'lets have coffee back at your place, that way I can see the boys too' my friend suggested...huh? not fair......
and so my busy weekend began ...Saturday was also 'Australia Day' so our local council had arranged for some fun celebrations at a local park - free amusement rides, vintage car displays ( total cool!) free camel rides, free hot dogs, how wonderful - who gets anything for free these days? !! guess Mr Mayor was been generous spending some of our council rate payments! It was a hot hot day...i slathered on the sunblock and still managed to burn...a red patch right on my shoulders - ouch!
early that evening we headed down to ChinaTown for a quick dinner - i had to have my favourite...combination noodle soup - THIS is fast food people!...good...healthy...comforting...delicious fast food!
we then walked (my legs were very sore!) to Darling Harbour to see the night fireworks - Happy Australia Day!!
Sunday morning I made an upside down plum cake as my parents had invited us for lunch...it was a flop, didnt rise and crumbled in chunks - it looked okay but it was semi-cooked...blah! so out comes the ricotta cheese, frozen puff pastry - add some sugar and cinnamon and you have Ricotta triangles! they went down well with short blacks after our 'Australia Day' Barbeque....Monday morning, my legs were now killing me, sore tight muscles...ouch! ouch! sore shoulders Ouch!
and off we go driving 40mins to a small little farm on the outskirts of Sydney ...we went looking to buy Prickly Pears but were told to come back next week so instead we bought runner beans and spinach...
that night we drove to a nearby beach and walked some more - it was a perfect way to end a busy weekend, so many people out and about, others swimming and playing volleyball... enjoying the evening ...
This morning I woke up with itchy spots - just like small mosquito bites , I have no idea what they are....was it from the beach? or the farm.....so here I am covered in calamine lotion with sore legs and sore shoulders.....

one more day of work yeahhh for short working weeks!


  1. Lovely photographs, especially the cars... Looks like a nice walk for sure!

  2. Poor thing - sore legs AND a sun burn - yeouch! Take it easy on both! : )

  3. Wow! what a busy weekend, sounds like you had a great time. That combination soup is my favourite too, are those prawn dumplings in there??

  4. oh you poor girl- put your feet up and read a good magazine or two. you'll be better in no time :)

  5. oohhh sweetie, sore muscles and itching... ouch! hope it is healed up now. it is so true that when you start exercising hard it hurts so much... but then the more you do it the easier it gets! (or that is what i am trying to tell myself since that is my new year's resolution... :) )
    australia day sounds like great fun though... wish i could have joined you for a camel ride! xox


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