March 17, 2008

How do you start your day.....

Coffee, Tea or a cigarette?
Monday's are always hard to get into... i have tea at home and then hopefully can find time to get a real coffee (never instant - its evil!) before I head into work!

I love these images!
*Top from Australian Marie Claire
* Middle image from USA Elle
*Bottom from UK Easy Living


  1. what a fun and inspiring post! i really like the lighting in these photographs!
    thank you for stopping by Decor Amor! i always enjoy meeting new bloggers! would you be interested in swapping links?! you have quite a lovely blog!

  2. two cups of PG Tips tea with cream and sugar well I am a brit living in the US but some things are just essential for the quality of life and very sorry to say a cigarette as well


  3. I love the images your posting. Lovely.

    I start my day with green tea =) Though I will never say no to some yummy hot chocolate with marshmellows hmmm..

    Though I don't like instant coffee either.

  4. i start with mate {it used to be a cigarrette many years ago}. i love all three images!

  5. These images are fantastic! I think my favorite is the top one.

  6. Anonymous7:12 PM

    You have some great magazine cutouts, there images are fantastic! For me, definitely a cup of tea in the morning...


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